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Discussion in 'General' started by lman_15, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. yo i live in Toronto Canada and i was wondering what da law 4 smokin weed was... and i have a lil bro 14 and what would happen if he was caught... and what would happen if u get caught growin...
  2. 3 or so weeks ago it was legal but now the senate is being assholish and they recriminalized. so it's back to normal (well not norml.. it's fucked up)..

    i don't know the consequences if you're caught cuz i've never been caught by someone i know (or cops).

    now there's the whole decrim thing which is a load of rcmp horseshit. it doesn't even say anything about decriminalized small amounts.. and even if there was a clause added later it still wouldn't work because of an act that was passed in '92 i believe.. i'm not sure what the name was. check the latest cannabis culture mag.. it has all the info.. just disregard that article that says "pot legal in ontario".. that's kind of obsolete now. damn.

    it'll take decades to get it legal and paul martin won't help either. same with mcguinty. he's hiring more cops in ontario. i've already started to notice more cruisers on the streets these last few weeks. my advice is be as discrete as possible. get these papers called urban wraps. you can get them at friendly stranger or get a one-hitter. anything that looks like a cigarette.

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