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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wat.jpg, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Is there a way to make cana-peanutbutter, like can i get PB into a liquid state, and drop some bud into it, and leave it in the crock pot for a coulple of hours...To make the PB into a wattery state, can i just add water? it doesnt absorb THC, and i can just let it cool and can just drain it after it selttles?

    If people Concure with me and give me tips, i could try this tomorrow..
  2. thinking that if you cook weed into a lot of peanut butter(via a stove top pot) idk how well that would work but after that you could probably let it set and then use it on watever you want. actually i want to try this now. XD
  3. you would need to strain it too
  4. Why are you trying to melt it? It's peanut butter...just mix in the buds before you heat it. You're basically making a firecracker sans cracker. Not sure of the cook time/methods, though. Stovetop, I'd imagine.
  5. yea its just firecracker style without the crackah.:smoking:
  6. Alright, I give up. Can someone tell me what a firecracker actually is?
  7. Saltine. Peanut Butter. Bud/keef. Tin Foil. 250 Degree Oven. Baked. eat.

    (they taste like complete crap though)
  8. Just mix a some oil into it. it will eventually blend into the peanut butter.

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