can your fingers take of trichomes?

Discussion in 'General' started by sokal, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. liiike when youre breaking up dank, shoud you be careful of knocking off the trichomes or is that even possible or what. lik ein this pic

  2. It's inevitably going to happen anytime you do it so don't even try not to haha.
  3. i'm always so careful with it like its a bud of glass lol
  4. yep. i try to grab it with my thumb on the bottom of the stem and my finger on the very top of the bud to avoid it as much as i can.
  5. yeah, even when your trimming buds, you get scissor hash and finger hash.

  6. shake or hash?
  7. this saddens me.
  8. Id call it hash. super sticky and you can roll it in a ball just like resin, its basically pure trichrome resin with a little oil from your hands, or in the case of scissors no oils.

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