Can you?

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, May 11, 2004.

  1. Can you tell if someones a stoner from looking at them?

    I find i can most of the time. I have a completely differnt attitued towards them, and they usualy have a similar one back
  2. Hehe, sometimes.

    A freind I always smoke with looks like a stoner from a mile away. Long red hair, Rastafarian wrist band and shirts, pot shirts, Bob Marley shirts, pot wallet, hell, he is even buying a pot leaf belt buckle which is also a pipe. :eek:

    As for me on the other hand, most people say I look nothing like a stoner. :\ Also a good thing, dont want them cops to have the corner of their eye on me, lol. :D
  3. i look like a stoner and so do all my friends
  4. they say i do, because: im tall skinny and my hair is messy.
  5. i do, but if i tie my hair back, i dont.

    but i think you usuly can. and the pot t-shirts and stuff i have to tell ppl i think they coo. But if they look like there showing off the fact they do it i dont like it, but if they look like they do it and arnt asshamed style im like "cool"
  6. I can usually tell to some extent. However sometimes you come across people that you would never expect to smoke, and their the biggest chiefers of all.

    I'm not sure if I look like a stoner. I just got my hair trimmed up, so its not super shaggy, and I dress like anyone else would, so I'm not sure.

    Although when I look like this :smoking: it's probably pretty obvious. :D

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