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Can you vaporize tobacco?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by RepentYeNbelievethegospel, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. My initial respnse would be no, but i wanted to see what your answers were.
    So as most all of you know, all clean 'paraphenalia' has a label suggesting it is "For tobacco use only!" and is not intended for use with illegal 'substances'...but you guys all know better than that.haha This also applies to places that sell vaporizers, so i was wondering if you could actually vaporize tobacco as an alternative to cigarettes. I dont smoke tobacco, but it would be interesting to know as i could suggest it to others i know who do. If your answer is yes, then please provide some sort of evidence or proof(i.e: link,ect)
    Also these subforums are new to me so i hope this is the right section for this topic.
  2. my friend works at a cancer research center and he was testing vapes so my assumption would be yes

    and as long as the subforum remotely resembles the topic its cool... we're stoners dude :)
  3. to the best of my knowledge, vaporizers were created FOR tobacco in the first place so i think the answer is yes
  4. Never used one but if it works for marijuana then why not tobacco?
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    oh yeah dude have you seen the original Rec use section thses days? almost half the threads on each page deleted by you know who JUST for being in the wrond section...wrong section nazis...haha. EDIt" oh i see there are only the lil subforums now, my bad for not being on here in a while

    Thats what i thought too, that they were made for tobacco in the first place, but i vaguely remeber reading somewhere not to vape tobacco and only to use legal herbs. BTW legal herbs taste disgusting in vaporizers;)
  6. Yes it does... search online for electronic cigarettes.

  7. *cough cough* *motions in the general vicinity of a certain mod* :D
  8. wait what? there are plenty of "herbs" people smoke that they think does something, but does absolutely nothing. more of a spiritual type thing. My vaporizer came w/ a free sample of some crazy named herb, that shit went right into the trash. vaporizers are not rlly made for tobacco but it works. I have tried it and it is absolutely disgusting.
  9. Well i myself would never vape tobacco, but, for example: my parents both smoke a lot of cigarettes and it could be a step forward to get rid of the smoke part, because its only the nicotine they want, as does any tobacco smoker. Seems like you can vape the bacy, so i will def inform people i care about of this, maybe they might live a bit longer before being completly poisoned.
  10. i am a cig smoker, trust me, trust me they will completely reject the idea of smoking with electricity. If they wanted to, they could easily have tried the other options that are available to quit or just go with the new gadgets like smokeless cigs, or Ecigs, or nicotine patches, or any other crazy shit you could think of. It usually comes down to 1 of 2 things... 1. they enjoy it it much, 2. they dont give a fuck. (3. lazyness/lack of motivation)

    *walks out to balcony for a cig*
  11. Well i wouldnt suggest to either of them a vape you nned to plug in, there are vaporgenies and those electric cig things i have seen a while ago that i doubt they know of, call em old fashioned, but damn when i tell them of some not so new invention and they are suprised, it is hilarious.
  12. Ok so i searched online for electronic cigarettes, and found several different brands that sell them, all for similar prices. Looked around some more infor about these things, and seems like a good idea. I just proposed this idea to my mother, who is willing to 'give it a shot' if its actually healthier and such, when she saw the price of one of them she was astonished, but then we sat down, did the math, and concluded that it was actually cheaper than buying a pack everyday(with NY having some of the highest tax on cigs, this is a good thing), so i will see how this turns out, i explained the vaporization process, and compared it to the vape she got me as a gift earlier this year. So Five To One, call it an exception if youd liek but my mom didnt shoot down the idea as easily as you thought.
  13. Thats because she never tried it ;)

    im stuck w/ duane rede prices too, $7.50 a pack...
  14. dayyyyum.

    Marlboro's are just under three dollars a pack at the local wawa here in ol' virginny I.A. Phillip Morris plant is right up the street.
  15. marlboro's are cheaper than camel's but ya nyc prices are usually almost double other places.
  16. The new fire safe cigarette bull shit makes cigs taste way worse than they ever did before. Like I used to be able to smoke a cig every once and I while and now when I taste the FSC cigs I cannot stand them. What you cig smokers think about it?
  17. americans complain about how good some weed prices are in canada... but HOLY FUCK YOU HAVE FUCKING CHEAP CIGARETTES, i just came from detroit, its so much god damn cheaper, a large pack in canada will cos 10.50 nowadays... 7.50 is nothing, i got a 20 pack for 5.65 in detroit, i loved it
  18. first time ive ever heard someone use the word "marijuana" on this site
  19. why would you want to?
    the point of vaporizers is to burn the THC and nothing else...
    so depending on what you have your vape set at, you'll only be able to burn any of the tobacco that can burn at the lower heat.
    generally it's around 460 degrees
    and tobacco needs to burn hotter than that

    vaporizers are designed to extract the active ingredient of marijuana
  20. Yea I figured that, theres a good chance that she wont like it but eh, we'll see...

    ha seeing all these price diffs im glad i dont smoke cigs daily here

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