Can you top too low?

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  1. Hey all! So my plants still have a bit to before they flower but they are a bit too big for the growing environment (specifically height). I have over 2 months before the autumn equinox 12/12 cycle so I need to top a majority of my plants again so they're not being crushed against the roof. Here is a picture I have of one of my plants: [​IMG]
    The plant has 5-8 nodes, as do most of them. My question is would it be bad to top 2 maybe even 3 nodes down? My main concern is topping too low, then having the plants herm out because I cut off too much. Thanks in advanced for any advice.

    Edit- I should also note my other concern would be not having more colas form from cutting too low as well.

    Edit #2- While im here I am also curious If I can top the other colas made by my previous topping? Or only the main cola?
  2. Look up "Low stress training" or LST.
  3. Sorry that isnt really helpful at all. I already know what LST is and I've talked with countless people about it. Yeah obviously I should've been doing LST from the beginning but you saying to look up LST doesnt answer any of my questions in this post.
  4. You can cut as low as you wish.
  5. Thank you!! Will do
  6. And then top the tops. I had started my plant indoors almost two months early and just kept topping. The girl is almost twice as wide as it is tall.
    She seems full indica though pretty much polar opposite to your strain.
    I can't believe i have a full two months left before harvest.
    Wish i had more this big the others are about 6 weeks behind
    This the white rhino momma today.
    I've also cut about 30 clones from it over the past couple months.
    Sorry to hijack. But does this girl look stressed to any of you guys.?
    It was transplanted last week from a 7 gallon pot to 25 gallon garbage pale.
  7. Looks fine to me, thats a beast stalk you have there coming from a 7gal pot. Maybe slight root lock, looks like a pretty big plant for 7gal but it should be fine regardless.
  8. Ya I'm excited to see what it looks like at harvest.
    Early October is my guess
    Also when I transplanted her the soil was jammed up mass of roots.

  9. Yeah i would say you could have probably transplanted a bit sooner if thats what the plant looked like coming out of the 7gal. Focus on watering around the exterior (new soil with no roots yet) with a slight overlap into the root ball and this should help your roots spread back out quicker!

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