Can you top a flowering plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Adonis, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I have a 6ft Neville Haze ending it's 5th week of flowering. The problem is my Blueberry plant is only 3ft and I have to raise my light for the Neville Haze. Can I top the Neville Haze around 3ft from the top and use some root compond and continue flowering both halves?
  2. Sure, you can, but I wouldn't recommend it. How about finding a container or box to raise the blueberry up to the height of the Neville Haze? :)
  3. No. A 3 foot section of plant is not going to grow a new root system before it dies off, root compound or no.

    Even if by some miracle it did survive, it would be set back by weeks at least, and would near certainly go hermi from the stress.

    If it's too big, try tying it down.
  4. bad move...the plant will use energy trying to recover instead of making buds....

    you can gently bend them to get some space...just bend the biggest branches into a gentle upside down "u" shape and tie them down like that for a night or two and you'll be able to lower thier profile a bit without hurting them...

    good luck!
  5. It's the cola that too tall not the side brances. I have a bamboo stake holding her up. if i remove it she'll bend like 2 or 3 ft down without breaking but I didn't know for sure if I could just leave her bent over like that. Would the plant break or just continue to grow bent over?
  6. you wana let the cola grow out man
  7. If she naturally bends without the stake let her bend on her own then tie her to the stake at that height. You'll have an explosion of buds that weren't getting good light that now will.
  8. This is really working. Neville Haze is definitly for the experienced grower. Next time i'll try something easier to grow like Bubba Kush.
  9. Glad I could pass on a lesson I recently learned myself.

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