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Can YOU study or work while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PinkieGrrl, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I can't function after smoking. I start saying something and by the time I am nearing the end of my story, I have no idea what the hell I was talking about.
    When I try to talk to clients, I get nervous and stutter or babble on and on.
    If I try to read, I get lost.
    My brother is a stoner and he functions amazingly. He is a mover and he smokes a bowl every morning before work. He is quick, organized, responsive, etc.

    Is this only something that comes with time or can I train myself somehow?

  2. Comes with time and tolerance my friend. But tell yourself, you are the only one who knows you are high as long as your eyes aren't as red as the devils dick. So just keep it cool and calm. I have been tokin for 4+ plus years and still studder, that means the herb is working hahaha
  3. It helps me study, as a history student I end up reading massive ass books full of long words and hidden meanings and implications, weed helps me to sift through the shite and get what I need.
  4. I'm the same way. I went to work high once... and never did it again. I couldn't keep track of what I was doing and I felt like I was moving really slow. Of course, I was probably acting normal but... I was high and I felt like every knew it. :|
  5. I'm sitting at my desk vapeing right now.

    Like ganjakid89 it comes with time and tolerance.

    I always have a todo list, I find that helps. Talking to clients is another matter though, I try not to get high when meeting clients. Unless it is someone my age and is cool with it.

  6. Same here live by the same rules. If I took a long tree break it'd be out of the question but with the tolerance things become a lot easier to just focus and handle and sometimes surpass not being elevated.
  7. I tend to do my work while sober. If I smoke I'll end up searching for music on the internet for hours instead of doing my work/studying.
  8. You can train yourself.
    Over the period of a month you should start with doing those activities (work/study) while barely high, ie whatever is the minimum amount of hits it takes for you to feel anything, and hit it slowly.
    Repeat with difference mediums (bong, pipe, vaporizer).
    Take note of which gives you less 'lost in the message' feelings and up the dosage if you want.
    Hope it helps.
  9. This can happen very easily. I'm doing it right now.
  10. a recent study showed that marijuana makes it easier for your brain to associate things better. so if your the type of person who associates one thing with another to learn then it could make a difference in the amount of information your able to retain...that is if you can pay attention long enough lol.
  11. If I'm on a good sativa strain, I focus so much better and retain information easier...but my perception of time when I'm studying seems super slow haha idk why.

    But usually I just like to relax and do something fun rather than work/study
  12. i can do just about anything baked lol....not sure how fast it will get done but itll get done haha
  13. I can do it high. I'd do it best sober though. I am slightly add, so weed does help me concentrate.

    I'd say just try 2 or 3 hits and work off that. There no reason you gotta get fucked up at work, you can just have a good little feeling going.
  14. Studying is pretty fun while high, learning in general I find absolutely amazing while high. I've learned how to fix my car high, last week I was buzzing hard as hell on edibles but I was able to replace a radiator in my dad's car along with a rotor and some brake pads. Took a little while but nothing was misplaced and everything's been running smoothly so far. I also can spend hours on end reading multiple wiki tabs. Knowledge just becomes that much more fascinating while high.
    However words can't explain when wisdom is acquired while high... at work there's a security guard who's been working the weekends there for years and years and years... this guy just knows everything, and his voice just sounds super chill as hell (if you've played the video game Bastion, you know exactly what his voice sounds like), and he just has more life experience than any website or school can show you. I love gettin baked and just stand there talking and listening to him for a while.
  15. Nope takes me like 5 times reading a sentence to even get it and I forget what I'm talking about in mid sentence a lot of the time
  16. It really depends on my weed and how many distractions I have. I can definitely get a little lifted, eat some fruit and study. I was afraid I'd do badly on an exam I took yesterday because I was high while I studied, but it was probably my best grade all year.
  17. I prefer not to. Working or studying high is a waste IMO. You have to concentrate on what you're doing and you can't enjoy the high. I prefer to get my shit done, then get blazed.
  18. I could. But will I remember anything I studied? No.
  19. I think it depends what kinda stuff your doing if its studying then I find it kinda hard but last summer I did some work in construction and me and my friend smoked everyday of that and it didn't make any difference
  20. I'll sometimes take a few hits, but I don't mind working not high.
    I go to class (film student) baked occasionally.
    And when I worked fast food we would all smoke a j in the back haha.

    When I first started I had to really focus a lot, but my boyfriend (long time smoker) could just get up and go. I've definitely gotten more accustomed to it. Just know your limit and how much it will affect you. You can slowly increase how much you smoke and how much you're able to do/function. :)

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