Can you snort hash?

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  1. Ok don't make fun of me if this is a dumb question. I'm from the east coast so I've probably seen hash like three times and I've been smoking for like 4 years now.

    I know it sometimes comes in a gritty kind of texture like pollen so can you do lined of hash?

    Even if you all say no I'm gonna do a hash line when I visit Amsterdam this year lol :p
  2. Probably not and I'm on the east cost and you can make hash easy.... But the pollen looking stuff is probably keif your talkin about
  3. You could but it won't do anything

  4. nah I mean the crumbly kind of hash...but I guess my question would also include keif. Can you snort has or keif?

    Why not though? Someone wrote about doing weed through the butt and it worked, so why wouldn't snorting work? Wouldn't it get you suuuuuuper hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
  5. one word: combustion

    can't tell if serious or troll

  6. That only worked because it was prepared in a different form, it wasn't just raw bud. THC needs to be heat activated for it to work. You could TRY a tincture or something similar and hope the mucus membranes in your nose would absorb it, but using raw bud/hash would do nothing.
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  7. The butt or snorting most likely wouldn't I don't think enough THC would pass through into your blood stream
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    morrocan hash is actually keif pressed together! (bubble/ice hash too pretty much as it was just extracted with water, while iso/butane hash oil is closer to pure THC)

    But i don't think it would affect you very much if you sniff it, but if hash is as rare as you say, where you come from, i would just smoke/vape it if I were you (hot knives get you fucking high!) :smoking:

    EDIT : I'm smoking hash right now!
  9. dammit!

    well i thnk i'm gonna heat up some hash and then snort it and see what happens. If I try it I'll definitely make a thread about it :hello:
  10. [quote name='"fuckthecops"']dammit!

    well i thnk i'm gonna heat up some hash and then snort it and see what happens. If I try it I'll definitely make a thread about it :hello:[/quote]

    Your threads right here
  11. [quote name='"fuckthecops"']Lol true[/quote]

    Try it yet?
  12. its just a more potent weed basically so if u snort weed will it get you high ? haha its just that basic concept
  13. I hear THC has to be heat activated to get you high, but also have heard of people making firecrackers without cooking them and they still worked, so what gives?

    Do you just need ALOT more if you don't activate the chemical with heat?
  14. You might be able to hot rail it.

    I'm not sure though.I'd rather smoke it anyways.
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  15. Pack a nostril then light it. Should work, might burn.
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  16. darwinism at its finest
  17. Do it then report back op


  18. Because when you plug weed, you need to first extract it into a form that can be plugged.
  19. Plugging ain't cool.

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