Can you smoke out of a hand made clay pipe?

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  1. [ame=]Paopu Fruit/Destiny Islands Hand Made Pipe. - YouTube[/ame]

    That's the pipe. It's made with quick dry clay and painted with acrylic paint, although I did not paint the bowl itself. Would I need to do anything to make this useable or is it smoke ready? I used crayola air dry clay to make it.
  2. I don't know the actual ingredients of crayola air dry clay but I can't see it being safe.. =/ The only clay I would use to make a pipe would be natural clay that you harden in a kiln.
  3. Its probably a better idea to get papers. Unless the clay is heated in a kiln like this guy said ^^^ theres probably still some chemicals in there that are easily inhaled which is a no go for most
  4. I personally wouldn't smoke out of anything with paint on it.
  5. Hey isn't the pow fruit from Kingdom Hearts the game? I remember that game. I think it was also in a few other final fantasy games. I think the lore said that whoever you share the pow fruit with is destined to fall in love with you.

    Dam that was a great game.

    I just looked up the Material Safety Data Sheet for Crayola Clay and it says if ingesting the clay to call a Poison Control Center immediately. You could call up the Poison Control Center and tell them you just smoked out of a pipe made out of the clay and see what they say.

    Take a piece of the already dried clay and hold a lighter to it and look for any oddly colored smoke and vapours coming off.

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