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can you sell bongs on ebay???

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by smoker.of.pot, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. i was wondering if i could sell a bongs on ebay or amazon or something like that its a 100% clean of any resin or smell ????
  2. I bought a couple small pipes off of ebay a few years ago. however I was just recently looking on their site and all that was being sold were hookahs and a small sherlock so i was watching the sherly and two days before the auction was supposed to end it got pulled so im not sure if ebays cool with selling pipes n bongs anymore, maybe you could contact them to find out for sure it would be interesting to know. all i know is there used to be a ton of glass pipes for sale on ebay an now theres none.
  3. I'm sure you could..just search on eBay to see if there is any being sold..
  4. dude who wants a used bong, when you can get them new for under a hundred box...I mean I guess you could...but I doubt that anyone goes on ebay when they want to get a nice tube ya know...just my two cents. :wave:
  5. A clean unbroke bong is just as good as a new one. I often buy used glass in good condition or even just trade with buddies. What the hell is wrong with clean used glass?????? mY guess is no none would know you didn't get it new unless you told them....
  6. I don't see why not. Just be sure to call it a water pipe and that it's for tobacco purpose.
  7. sell it on craigslist or ioffer.
  8. ebay tries to be politically correct and doesnt allow the sale of tobacco items...its pretty stupid really..id go with craigslist you can get someone local maybe.
  9. What kind is it. I mean if it's clean it's not a big deal. It's not like you sanitize it each time you pass it in the circle so I don't get the big deal. But my toro broke so I've been needing a new one just low on dough
  10. if you read the thread, the problem is ebays policies, if they say you can't sell something you can't sell it, that includes tobacco items if they find your listing.
  11. what if the previous owner put his penis in the bong then sold it to you. fuck ebay

  12. qft.....
  13. thats fucking disgusting and all but its still glass, soak the thing in laquer thinner for a day, take it out and its cleaner then when it was first blown.

    also ebay is the shit, i get all my automotive shit from them.
  14. but there was still a penis in your bong at some point in time. Fuck ebay for buying things your mouth has to touch
  15. This.

    I'm almost certain you can't sell a bong on Ebay, unless it's one of those vodka bottles ;) But on ioffer you see all kinds of glass.

    LOL! That's too funny man :)
  16. Why don't you....... look? :eek:
  17. i was just wondering the same thing so i searched through the ebay site to find their policy on it. turns out you're allowed to sell drug paraphernalia in only a few particular cases.

    from ebay's help center:

    Tobacco pipes made from wood, ceramic, or stone as long as you don't refer to it being used for illegal drugs
    Milk glass pipes
    Regular cigarette papers
    Kitchen herb grinders

    Disposable syringes can be listed, but needles can't be included in the same listing or in a separate listing.
    Collectible antique glass syringes and needles can be listed as long as the seller clearly states in the listing that the item is collectible and not intended for use.
    These items can be listed as long as the listing doesn't indicate that the item is drug related or can be used with an illicit drug:
    Hookahs as long as they are 18" or more in height
    Snuff bullets
    Peace pipes can be listed. However, authentic Native American peace pipes must also follow our Native American arts and crafts policy.

    Not allowed
    Pipes made from metal, acrylic, glass, plastic, or ivory
    Water pipes, chamber pipes, carburetor pipes, electric pipes, ice pipes, bongs, chillums
    Hookahs shorter that 18" in height
    Dugout pipes and one-hitters
    Pipes described as being used to smoke peyote or opium, regardless of age
    Wired cigarette papers
    Vaporizers intended to be used with alcohol or tobacco
    Complete disposable syringes and needles

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