can you roll a good joint?

Discussion in 'General' started by bottomdog, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. if so post a pic of it and we can rate how good you can roll it!! YES!!! GRAND IDEA!!!!

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  2. it was a joke caus ei cnat roll a joint :(
  3. I can roll decent joints. They aren't always great, but they usually smoke well enough which is my main concern. I'd post a pic, but I have none on my computer.
  4. i can roll decent, however not too well when in a moveing car. hehe
  5. lmao that joint..if you call it that..looks like a dog


  6. my last joint, rolled and smokd yesterday.
    i can make better and bigger, but thats the best i could do given the circumstances. did the job though. ;)

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  7. lol, I see it too!
  8. digit, did you roll that by hand?

    it's so straight it reminds me of a manufactured cigarette
  9. Did u roll that? its so perfect :)

  10. Jus dun this 1...

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  11. LOL just kiddin, when i get my shit tonight i'll post one up Beware! Exceptional Roller :D
  12. Here we go... Like i promised :)

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  13. good one :)

  14. I'm not concerned how it looks, just how it smokes!

    But then they always look ok.

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  15. i roll perfect every time! well...i use a for me.. but im workin or freehand
  16. Seeing as how I have been rolling for about 27 of my 33 years, I guess you could say I roll a decent joint. Will post a pic of one tomorrow.
  17. yeah... by hand of course. its not that great... wasnt using my skins of preference, and it was tobacco and hash, rather than grass. and it was TOOO SMALL. :D but thnx for the compliments guys.

    weedboss... that looks closer to what mine usually look like. ... the second one tho ;)
    too true sureshot, too true. i've seen joints that look like they were a gift from a billion year old race of tokin aliens, only to discover you need to have a lung made of titanium pnumatic pumps to get any air through it. looks dont mean shit.
  18. Yeah your right looks don't mean shit but i mix the weed and tobacco into my hand then put it into the joint so it doesn't canoe. As soon as i saw that picture of that joint Digit i knwe you must of been on a low supply as your sticking 2 small rizla together and the splif looked quite thin, thats how i am to when my supplies are low and i need it to last a little while, but hash doesn't really even get me buzzin haven't smoked it in months though so it'll probably get me wrecked now.
  19. Weed/

    Not directed at me, but I always stick two small rizla together for Percy joints (joints for oneself or oneself and ones partner alone), purely because i ALWAYS have small blues on me. Perfect size for the watch pocket of any trousers or jacket! :)

    And I'm too lazy to go the extra 100 yards to the shop that sells king skins most of the time.


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