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Can you put weed at the end of a cigerette

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by finn slice, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Just as the title says can you remove the tobacco from the end of a cig put some in smoke it then the rest of the cig normally. Im trying to be conservative(and tolerence is pretty low) so I only want a little bit and I only have jay papers and i wont have enough for an entire jay. So will it work cause my friend said cig filters will filter out thc.
    Anyone know if I should rip the filter off or not or if theres something better I could do altogether. Thanks blades
  2. Your friend was right about the filter.  Rip the cigarette apart and re-roll it with  papers and some roach.
  3. Its going to filter out alot more tar than THC, and if you're trying to conserve I suggest investing in a spoon, bubbler, bong, or vape.
  4. Son, you can do anything if you put your mind to it.
    In all seriousness, I'd take the filter out and roll a crutch to put in its place. And I wouldn't smoke the tobacco either.
  5. I used to have 2 spoons(both were $25) but my dad took both of them. I was a lot younger at the time but I kinda just stuck with papers ever since cause if he takes them im only out like 1.50.
  6. But if i go n toke im gonna smoke a cig either way so im kinda killin 2 birds with 1 stone.
  7. try a apple then, it works quite well actually, ive done it plenty of times (usually hiking)
  8. I hate making em and sometimes the juice gets on my hands and gets all sticky and shit.
    Then you're good to go! Just take the filter out. You can always put your weed at the top of the cigarette for convenience.
  10. Oh man if they legalize weed they better not put filters on them like cigarettes, or maybe they should incase you want to smoke at work when its legalized? When is weed going to be legal god dammit
  11. Personally this is one of my preferred things to do when I'm trying to be subtle, albeit I gut a cigarette and roll a spliff with pure green for the first 1-2cm then pure tobacco the rest. Would work fine to pull the filter and squeeze in a crutch though.

    You get a few nice clean hits of green then it's just a cig.

    Very handy if you want to mask the smell a bit with the stronger smelling tobacco, and if you're a cig smoker like I am, well you said it best - two birds with one stone!

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  12. Why don't you just cut a hole through the filter

    Who Dat!
  13. Get a cigarette rolling machine and mix half wacky tabaccy and half bud.
  14. Wouldn't that make it 100% green? Haha

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  15. Just roll a spliff. Just need rolling papers weed and tobbacco. Yea you can tho used to do it all the time, it's just a pain to put the weed in and u usually loose a bunch. But, if you do, take out the filter, or just take it off. It still works, I used to leave the filter on. I haven't done it in for ever but I did it a bunch when I lived with my parents and just take the filter out and roll a crutch with a cig box or something, you don't even need one, and your goood

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  16. No you can not.

    The mixing of cannabis and tobacco is crime punishable by the revocation of your stoner card, and being shunned by all stoners.
  17. Mix Tabacco + weed in the joint. Wallah

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  18. Rip that filter off and you'll be fine. Except for the the COPD, heart disease, thyroid disease, lip cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, peripheral vascular disease, lung cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, pancreas cancer, aortic aneurysm, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, impotence, leukemia, beurger disease, and abruptio placentae, but other than that you have nothing to worry about! ^_^
  19. Who the fuck calls themselves a stoner thesedays anyway
    I already have my spotting and bong licenses so take your stoner card and swipe it up your ass
  20. Yes I can, can you?  I don't see any circumstances where I would though.  Maybe a life or death situation but if its between that and a bong I might just rip the bong.

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