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Can you pass a drug test using someone else's urine?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HighWisher1, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Recently got a new job and love it. I celebrated by smoking for almost 2 weeks straight, high whenever not at work.
    HOWEVER I got a blood clot in my lung and had to be admitted to the hospital. Ive since been released and have a to take a return to work physical which will most likely include a drug test.
    Synthetic urine is illegal in both my state and the bordering state so i cant get ahold of any.
    Will using someone's(who is clean obviously) urine work to pass a drug test if its between 90° - 100°?
    If so will it go bad or expire? I have heating pads to warm it up.
  2. Yes. If you're female, put it in a condom and carefully stuff it inside of you (unless you have decent sized labia, then that should suffice). If you're male, try to keep it around your testicles, you can tape it carefully to your thigh. Keep it as close to body temp as possible.
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  3. From what I understand since what they're testing for is fairly specific that should work fine. Doesn't expire. Nothing that will settle if not shaken. There's the joke where the doctor tells the guy he's pregnant because he used his girlfriend's pee or something. I'm not sure if that's even possible. I doubt they're checking your levels of pregnancy hormones, but I don't know if they check for others. I suppose just in case use urine from the same sex as yourself. Can't think of any other problems you would encounter.
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  4. Yep, forgot to mention. Unsure if they take any tests, but as a precaution use same sex urine.
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  5. I always use someone else's piss to do my drug tests... As far as I know it doesn't go bad... I keep piss on deck just in case I gotta drop... Keep it in the fridge and heat it in hot water (not boiling) and if you store in the fridge it might develop this funky white shit floating around in it but it dissipates when you heat it.... I'm on probation I have taken a shit ton of drug tests and never failed one... just be sure your "source" is for sure clean....
  6. Ive had a return to work physical and they did take urine but not for drug test purposes but to see kidney function. Ive been smoking years with no stop
  7. Im a male and i intend on using a male friend's urine. So if he pees in a bottle for me i just have to heat to desired temperature for the time of collection? Does it matter if its refrigerated beforehand? Or not at all?
  8. Ive used synthetic a few years ago and never refrigerated it, only heated it up. And my backup has evaporated its been so long. Yeah the source is clean, so i shouldnt have any problems?
  9. Yea you should be good... just get your temp right and that's it...
  10. Awesome!
  11. my hubby has used my toddler daughters pee several times lol and i mean several. just heat it up and stick it between your legs. itll hold the warmth. he keeps the bottle with pee in a thermos untill he gets to the place. I would try to get it as fresh as possible. i wouldnt refridgerate it but you can for a certain amount of time.
  12. Lmao! Thats hilarious not only cuz its from a toddler but also that it works. I just picked up my friends urine, he gave it to me in a gatorade bottle. Im not going to refridgerate, im just gunna let it sit room temp until i stick it in a the fake urine bottle i still have with the temp strip on it and heat it up before i go take the physical which is at 9am tomorrow, its currently 3:40pm where i am.
  13. you'll be fine. he's also used my moms and got it the day prior. goodluck!!!
  14. Haven’t smoked since the new Year trying to get clean and still showing up positive. I have a drug test in a couple of weeks for work and I also have been hesitating to apply for this part time evening job because they also drug test. So if i ask my sister in law which is clean, to piss in a bottle for me all I have to do is warm it up and keep it between my legs??
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  15. You can but little packaged hand warmers that you shake and they start to heat up. Buy a didgital thermometer and get to temp before you walk in. Have in your underwear. You can wear double underwear and have it in between the two under your junk.

    You are most likely very close to being able to pass on your own. Have you been testing when heavily hydrated?
  16. I have been testing myself with the home drug test almost twice a week. But man I want to smoke. I have one heat warmer and I just have to ask my sister in law for her piss. I’ll have to buy one those thermometers. Have you done this before?
  17. I am preppared to do one. I have everything on hand and have practiced. Using sub solution synthetic tho. It’s all about the tempature. That’s it. The rest is nerve racking but really irrelevant. Get it to temp (practice with water to see how long it takes to get warm and how long it stays warm )

    Do you know for sure it’s in two week? I’d try to pass on my own by getting clean and just use a substitute if I couldn’t get clean in time. The bud will be there man after you get this job.
  18. What are everyone's thoughts a different gender and 2 weeks old for a DOT test? It was verified the right temp and sent to the lab. Think I passed?
  19. If the piss is clean, u can keep it at the right temp, and the test isn’t supervised you have a 100% chance of passing
  20. :jump:

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