Can you over-water plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by smokestrees, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. ive been getting tons of rain in my area for the past couple of days, and im wondering if that will kill or damage plants growing outdoor.btw they were planted in april and are now around 2 months old.
  2. You can overwater plants, however, if your plants have good drainage they should be fine.
  3. how long have they been in the ground?

    i think if they've been in for a while and are getting bigger the water will help them.

    if they are tiny, they might shit i can't think of the name but it's' when water is constantly around the soil level and the stem rots and falls over.

    lost my first seedlings to over watering. lesson learned.
  4. if yhey are in t he ground and not in planters dont worry...unless it starts raining like that again when they are the ground you dont have too worry that much about drainage unless you are lower than the water table
  5. The ground should give the plant(s) good drainage unless it is potting soild that isn't well established then it may turn to mud causing the roots to become sealed were water can't penatrate the roots. That is how most people lose their house plants or flower gardens they put in and water it too heavy the first time they water.

    If it is small enough,place a bucket over it with venting holes in it to prevent all the rain from reaching your plant. I know someone will say that you can't do that but I have seen it used on plants less than 12-16 inches high.
  6. If they are in the ground or in pots with drainage - make sure there are drain holes - you should have no problem.

    It is when the roots become permanently waterlogged that the plant can die.
  7. if theyre in the ground then its no problem, the earth is like a sponge. just make sure the soil has dried out before you next water them. i've had it pretty bad here with the weather, but nothing my babies cant handle.

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