Can you make hash from male plants... Oh Ya

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    So I was checking out the trichomes on my female with my new little scope and then I thought... Oh those males I was gonna dump... I tried smoking some before and concluded that was a mistake. Too much chlorophyl totally choked me and almost vomited.

    When I checked out a male leaf with the scope I see trichomes!!! Not as many as my female but also not to bad. Leaf does not look frosty to the eye. Broke out the blender and 3 hours later I have some nice blond kief dried and ready to smoke!!! And yes it quite buzzed after 2 hits! I cut them down week 2 of flower.

    It tastes slighly chlorophyl but just very slightly. Doesn't expand like when I use female leaf. Checking the kief out trough the scope shows a small amount of plant material with hella crystals!!! Now I realize the scope is really kewl cause when I make hash now I can see how much plant material vs crsytals I am left with!!!

    I was out of smoke and now i'm not!!! But I can see once I start harvesting enough I wont need to do this, but if your out those males can turn into acceptable smoke.
  2. After longer consideration, the high doesn't last very long and you gotta smoke a bunch to stay high. So I guess in a pinch, but I probably wouldn't do it again.

    So I gues sthe moral of the story is, not all Trichomes are created equal.
  3. As you have found, it is possible to make hash from males, but to my experience it's not worth the effort.

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