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Can you make firecrackers by just leaving them out?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by orangekappa, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. I heard that you can make firecrackers by just leaving the weed in the peanut butter for a few days. I am kinda skeptical because i thought you need to heat the weed to activate it, but i want to hear answers from people who have actually tried it. Thank you
  2. you can but you need to decarb your cannabis first for optimal effects

    if you decarboxylate them first, heat has been applied and you let the thc slowly get absorbed in the oil. Also, a few days probably won't be enough, try 2 weeks
  3. i'm about to eat mine right now, it's had 1/2gram of kief in some nutella for 4 days now. i'll get back to you with results tonight.
  4. didn't work after 4 days. however i have made them by cooking them and they've worked phenominally. i would reccommend using the cooking instructions or not doing it at all
  5. When I made firecrackers I baked 3 of them. I had 2 and saved the last one in my fridge for about a week.

    The first 2 didn't work out so well but that's probably because I didn't use a lot of bud in the firecrackers. The one I stored for a week in the fridge had me blasted.

    I would recommend baking it first and try that and then if one doesn't work save the rest for about 7-10 days
  6. did you read this in the firecracker sticky? many people in there say you don't need to heat them, that heating just speeds it up. i haven't tried it, but like i said, other people have.
  7. Can you use mids in firecrackers and dies anyone have a recipe
  8. i made one with about .8 of mids and let it sit for two weeks. it gave me a buzz, but i wasn't fully stoned and would have rather smoked it
  9. I did it once with about .5 of dank and it worked fine. I mixed a little regular butter in with my peanut butter just to boost the fat content and let the finely ground herb sit in there for about 4 days. Got me high but not shit faced stoned.
  10. heating speeds up the process, but it works just as well if u let it sit

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