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Can You Lace Buds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nckdaman, May 21, 2010.

  1. #1 nckdaman, May 21, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 21, 2010
    My buddy was going to hook me up with some mids but he said today that he thinks his shit is laced. I asked him about it and he said he thinks the buds were laced with salvia. Ive heard of joints being laced but not buds.
  2. well can lace weed with about what ever you want...yeah its possible its laced

    yeah he could of been talking about what kind bud it was....maybe you got confused?
  3. Saliva - Is your friend drooling on the buds? because if he is then yeah there might be some saliva in there.

    Oh and if you meant Salvia then probably not, unless you see a bunch of black shit in with the buds....
  4. The above posters have been trolled.
  5. Ha, sorry. Salvia is what i meant.
  6. Laced with Salvia... hmmm, smoke it?
    Salvia is fun. Shame I can't smoke it any more because my MAOI and SSRI
  7. Yea that what i was thinking too. On a side note, why the fuck do people lace weed without telling the people your selling to. Doesn't that just cost them more money and with salvia make the high more fun.
  8. Well its my buddys dealer but yea i would ditch him too.
  9. Salvia is a great herb, but i highly doubt that a grower/dealer would lave their herb with another. If anything they'd lace it with an opiate/benzo probably, easiest to find. Smoke it to find out?
  10. You can buy pure salvia plant, it takes a few bowl to trip off of compared to the 30/60x's. Its possible, but i doubt it.
  11. What they said lol ;)
  12. youd have to hit the HELL out of that joint if it had any salvia in order for it to hit him. look at the weed and smell it before you buy it. dont buy pre-rolled shit, you dont know what youre buying.
  13. lacing mj with almost any drug is highly uncommon for a couple of reasons:
    1)the dealer must pay for the extra substance hes lacing it with
    2)its just an odd thing to do
    3)it can be dangerous and undesirable to the customer of said dealer, which harms their own interests as well

    I doubt its been laced with salvia, as you would most likely be able to taste it(salvia tastes very different from mj)
    Additionally, plain dried leaf will not fuck you up unless you rip bowls of it, as stated above.
    If there's blackish material in it(also as stated above), it could be salvia extract.

    Most likely its simply better weed than your friend expected, or he doesn't want to hook you up and is making excuses. I've heard so many people claim they've smoked laced shit its sort of ridiculous :eek:

    Either way, have fun and enjoy the ride :D
  14. Dealers dont lace because it isn't cost efficient, however, if they ever did it would be to get someone they are selling to hooked so they keep coming back for more.
  15. ive smoked weed for 7 years now, i have NEVER unknowingly gotten some laced weed.
  16. ya dude... when you smoke salvia you have to hold it in for a long ass time!! like 30 seconds lol.... but idk tho i still wouldn't fuck with salvia. those youtube videos ruined it for me haha

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