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Can you Identify this? (Medi VapeRX)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by omnip0tent, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. I cant find any info about this brand on-line... only a few photos.

    -Is it legit?
    -Is it any good?
    - Any info on it?

  2. Does it get you high?
  3. That's not the question. I'm curious if this brand has any credentials
  4. Post a review it's your shit.
  5. Never heard of them. I only fuck wit the 710 kingpens or brass knuckles cartridges.

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  6. #6 Lori Register, Aug 22, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2017
    -Is it legit? Yes
    -Is it any good? Yes
    - Any info on it? It is highgrade Co2 Liquid concentrate

  7. Yes, It works well for chronic pain.
  8. This seems to be a shitty backyard brand and who knows what it's mixed with. It's local in Miami and feels like poison. It does get you high but it's way too liquidy to be of good quality. Might be cut with who knows what in order to make it a cheaper product. I would not recommend and that Lori person has no clue what she talking about.
  9. Hello I think I can shed little more light on this thread .....

    I will start by what I kno w . They seem all to have very high values specially in Thc even for (high quality C02 ) they claim pure but I suspect a added flavor or scent ( wether it’s terp or a thinner agent but it’s to thin of liquid to be completely pure ... I would gues the thc is less then 40 % and less then. 500 mg ( they claim 1000) but I think it’s all scam - they do get you high but only in the Head very quick head change that last but no body higher or fleeting - Iv smoked about 10 and there no quality control /
    Not primed - Major Leaking - Burnnnrd taste - labeled - Indica but is Sativa and so on ...

    So is it worth the $ 25-50 dollar well I don’t think I would buy it again I will stick with my local Dispensary .... :) thank anybody figured out where they come from
  10. 710 kingpen is great and affordable. Never tried brass knuckles. However THG and AU gold vapes definitely have those two beat.
  11. Tetragold is fireeeee tooo

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