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Can you harvest a plant without cutting it down?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by dowierasta, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Hey,

    Yer so im aware this is a stupid question but as ive never come across it before i thought id pluck up the courage to ask it.

    Can you harvest your plants buds without cutting her at the base (killing it). Sort of the same way you would pick apples from a tree if you get what i mean. If you can then would the plant ever produce buds again?
  2. im new too but i think what happens is you take a cutting from that same plant and start it so by the time you're done growing, flowering, curing and smoking you have more bud ready to process. thats all i know. but i see links to 'continuous grow' threads...and that sounds like what you are talking about. ive got a green house with a week and a half old plat in it. if i could one plant continually flower id be set for life. no intent to distrib. its for me and the buds. good luck with an answer man! these guys on here are great
  3. Yep you sure can its a process called revegging use the search bar on this site you should be able to find some threads on it
  4. You ccan revegg and I believe you need to leave at least 30% growth to have any success.

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