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Can you Guys name this weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by thankfuf, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I'm a noob I have a cousin who was getting this stuff from a friend but has not been able to reach that friend again. I really need to know what type of weed this is I love it I use it to workout this stuff is incredible as soon as smoke it like activates my nerves and It doesn't matter how tired I was before It turns me into a beast in the workout! P.S It has a little bit of pshychadelic effects it makes your head real hot and It turns your body like on it's awesome! I really need to know what this is Please help!![​IMG][​IMG][/IMG]
  2. It looks dark on the pics but the real color is more like *light Green*
  3. No, we can not name that weed.
  4. any idea???
  5. It's crack man
  6. hey man it doesnt really matter. theres indica and sativa weed. if you get sativa itll wake you up and get you creative and everything. thats what im high on right now.
    indica is the couchlock kinda tired high.
    i have kush right now. i love Godberry indica, im not sure what strain kush this is but its a sativa. you can look up the differences, and then leafly will tell you what strain has what effects, like which is sativa, which is indica, etc etc.
    i know my weed (thumbs up) haha.
  7. Identifying a strain from a picture is nearly impossible. It is completely impossible when it is a bad picture of already ground up ganja like that one.

    Sorry. Just smoke and enjoy
  8. Those are unicorn tail trimmings...
  9. makes your head hot? headband? pretty hard to tell though
  10. Call it Prince Caspin
  11. [quote name='"CujoTheCreator"']Call it Prince Caspin[/quote]

    With nothin to return to but the demons in their caves
  12. No, we cannot.

  13. Dumbest first post ever.

    Not a good start.
  14. Crums-o'-sativa-beava-hazey-dont-taser-me-supa-funkadelic-cannalogic-diesel?
  15. Looks dank.

    From your description it is a Sativa strain. But determining the exact strain from just looking at it, especially ground up, is near impossible.
  16. It's called shake man..
  17. its called yu dont even get nugs ,just str8 shake which is wack and if yu even know what a sativa type strain is, that is wat yu most likely have due to your claims of "beasting" in the gym and being energetic.
  18. no. /thread
  19. hey chill out man, just throwing out a guess. obviously its pretty impossible to tell just from looking at crumbs.

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