Can You Grow Mushies From Dried Mushies?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by CorbDawg, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. So I've been thinking about growing my own mushrooms but don't know where to find spors or anything (don't wanna get them online bc it will go on my bank statment and my rents will see that) so i was wondering if i could use a peice of a dried cap and grow from that? Any thoughts or experience?
  2. This thread belongs in GC humor. :wave:
  3. Ive thought of that before too..
    Idk, maybe.
  4. Try it and find out
  5. well i wasnt gonna touch this thread
    b/c OP is new, probably young
    and still lives with his parents, which means he probably shouldnt grow anyway
    but ill answer for you

    to answer your question no
    you cant
    the spores will not release once the mushrooms are dried
    maybe you could scrape some out, idk
    they probably would be infected tho

    do some research if you really wanna grow them
    and order your spores online
    (i used fast, good customer service, and nice 20cc syringe
  6. The spores would be contaminated, the only way it would work is if you do agar.
  7. To answer the OP, YES, you can.
    You can use agar like the poster above me said, and cardboard works as well, I've never done agar agar agar, yes, I meant to type it three times. Cardboard has worked though, for me at least. You can find teks on various mycology forums.
  8. whats agar agar agar? I know agar agar

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