Can you grow in the fall outdoors?

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    Right now, the sun is pretty strong where I live, and although the temperature does seem to be dropping outdoors in the morning, things aren't really changing too much. If it helps, I live in Monterey, California. Thanks in advance!
    Edit: It would be solely an outdoor grow. With mother nature as it's only assistant.

  2. wouldn't recommend it but hey anything is worth a shot. due to the lack of suffient daytime hours it would take a long time to veg. then by the time it was ready to flower it would be too cold. you could start one then move it inside when temps get too low.
  3. You can with a small greenhouse and a space heater with a thermostat or even a heat mat under the planters. An autoflowering strain would grow almost all bud and few leaves.
  4. you could veg inside and flower outside year round in cali. but if you are talking about growing from seed that won't work. if you buy a rooted clone they will flower fine but not yield much since there will be no veg. if i was you i would try to get a little veg room going inside. veg the clones for a month or so. then put them outside.
  5. Why wouldn't it work? 
  6. it might work. i never tried it. but the bud probably won't be very good. they say the seed is supposed to veg for at least a month or something before it goes into flowering. its supposed to reach sexual maturity. ive heard of people just doing 12/12 from seed but everyone i kno says it wont work.
    if your in cali just get clones. or start the plant out inside. if you start a seedling outside at 12/12 you probably won't even get 7 grams of weed. it would be a waste of a seed and your time. you would be much better off getting clones or vegging inside. clones are easy to get in med states.
  7. What I'm going to do is start my seeds outside and have them stay outside. It is worth a shot; especially with my amazingly sunny/hot fall weather. When you say 12/12 do you mean December 12th? 
  8. He is talking about a 12/12 light cycle. 12/12 happens in natural light about September 15 depending on your latitude. Western Oregon is about Lat 44. Northern Cal is maybe 39. 12/12 outside is the fall equinox. Daylight continues to decline until about December 21. Monterey is near San Fransisco right? Winter temps, length and strength of sunlight, rainfall are all going to be huge factors. I have clones about a month old that are close to a foot tall, but I take them in every evening to give them 18 hours of light. By the time we get to early October I'll have them inside full time.
    What the hell, give it a shot and see what happens.

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