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Can you get super blazed off "meck" ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by S33PR3SS, May 17, 2010.

  1. I mean if you smoke like alot can it be the equivalent of dank? btw some people consider meck schwag but the meck i get it never is brown,

    also to anyone who noticed my Not Stealing, borrowing post, no i am not buying it with that money im goin to start workin with my uncle a bit(hopefully) in his autobody collission repair shop.

    btw i have a low tolerance
  2. what is meck?
  3. Meck is shitty weed. I had to urban dictionary it lol and no smoking a lot of schwag is not as good as smoking some dankity dankleton
  4. Oh shit i forgot meck is most commonly used in cali, actaully i cant conclusively say that, so here is San Diego Meck is most commonly associated as shitty weed but ive honestly never seen schwagg , never anything brown.

    so let me reword CAN YOU GET SUPER BLAZED OF MIDS?

  5. If your tolerance is low, and you smoke enough, but it won't be as nice of a high as danks.
  6. If you are fairly new and have not built a tolerance anything will do.

    Add me to the list of people who've never heard of meck. Maybe it's a SD thing. Sure you don't mean merch?
  7. As a policy, always smoke the best weed available to you, it's healthier to get the high from less smoke, so make it strong shit ;)
  8. make some hash from 1/2 your pick up and use it to top bowls for a cleaner high

  9. San Diego? I live near there! Padres 4 lyfe (jk they kinda suck ø_ø) Haha. Yea to clarify, i believe Mek or Meck is just San Diego area for the step above shwag, but lower than mids/beasters. I got an oz of mek weed for 70$. Smoked about 2 grams of it, and it gave me a mild high and a bad headache π_π Gave the rest to my friend who was dry and didnt care wut kind it was haha. He repaid me with a quad of white widow, so i think i came out ahead haha.
    So just using personal experience, i dont think the scale is linear. That is, smoking a fuckton of mek wont get u to that same place as a nice bowl of dank chron. Plus, smoking a ton of mek is never fun...
  10. agreed, I'd rather buy a small amount of dank over a large amount of meck.

    San Diego born and raised :smoke: haha

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