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Can you get in trouble for smoking in your house

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by volgelsong, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I was just in the middle of my session and as I was blowing smoke out of my window I noticed a cop car on my street. I live in a very populated city and theres a large apartment building where a lot of people walk in and out from at all times. But if a cop outside of my house sees me holding my bong and blowing smoke out, does he have the right to arrest me or something?
  2. not without a warrant.

    you're just a little paranoid, smoke on... :smoke:
  3. If he witnesses you committing an illegal act in plain view, I believe he may be able to bust you without a warrant since his probably cause was witnessing you smoke the bong.

    not positive though.
  4. He could come and TRY to search your place, but you DO NOT him. He has no proof you were smoking could be tobacco
  5. Edit: actually fuck that. no way. Like he said ^ it could have just been tobacco.

  6. wait so if i shoot someone in my house with a cop looking dead at me from outside with no warrant, i can get away with it?:confused::eek:
  7. Yeah, go for it
  8. Yes.

    This is now a Spiderman thread.


  9. if you lied i'm coming for you :devious:

    lol :smoke:
  10. If he sees you smoking it, and smells it, he can come and arrest you.
  11. [quote name='"KingofthePlebs"']Yes.

    This is now a Spiderman thread.


    Hahaha hell yeah /b/ro. :smoke:
  12. I remember a city in California or Alaska (can't remember which) passed a law a couple years ago stating "a cop cannot arrest you for possession/paraphernalia if he sees you smoking inside your house."

    To me, this implies that a cop can arrest you in other states/cities if they witness you smoking weed.

  13. Are you sure they can conduct a search because of smell? I always thought you could disagree and say "I dont smell anything" or "its the smell of my tobacco"
    im not sure

  14. If he gets the faintest scent of weed he could kick your door in if he saw you exhaling it. He doesn't need a warrant then. It's not likely at all to ever happen, the cop would have to be right next to your window.
  15. Just don't hold the bong completely out the window... cops aren't stupid. no one smokes tobacco outa a glass tube lol. this is in the apprentice section, few words of advice, if your getting into this lifestyle n what not, NEVER FORGET, smoking ganja is not the usual for everyone else. Keep it to yourself, and low key. Check if a cop is in the car before committing the act. If so, do it more subtle. Or wait till he leaves. Or don't give a fuck. Everyone I know who don't give a fuck and smokes weed, has had trouble with the law. The people that I know who have my mentality have never had trouble. Im in 4 years strong and have never had 1 problem. Blend in my man
  16. Quoted from Cody227's guide.

  17. Not true, my friend doesn't smoke weed but tobacco (lol) and he uses bongs, he says he gets bigger head rushes. You relize bongs are legal because of tobacco right.
  18. Odor and a visual, are absolutely probable cause.

    If growers aren't busted by loose-lipped friends, it's usually an odor issue. But if a cop actually see's you using something, that is rarely used in your country for smoking tobacco, and he can smell it, you're toast... if he feels like being a dick, anyhow.

    Don't forget people have accidentally been (temporarily) 'busted' for smoking tobacco, and growing tomatoes.
  19. #19 Sa0sin, Dec 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 1, 2011
    Like he said cops arent that dumb. If they see a bong and a buncha smoke theyre not gonna be like oh that's prolly tobacco cause that's why bongs are legal herp.

    On another note some guy and his wife in the county next to mine got busted a few weeks ago for growing in their house, a hit and run occurred outside their house and the police brought in a k9 to sniff the road/grass or whatever to try and pick up a scent of whoever committed the hit and run. Dog picked up a pretty different scent that led to the guys house.

    150 live plants found lol, how bad does that suck
  20. Why would you even subject yourself the risk of hanging out the window
    for people to see you smoking weed? You are only setting yourself
    up to get busted.

    If the cop sees you he can retain you till the next cop comes
    with a search warrent.

    Also...It only takes 1 person walking by or a neighbor to see you
    smoking weed.....Then yer fuked!

    I understand your options might be limited. But seriously man. Learn
    to be a bit more stealthy.

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