Can you get in trouble for asking about weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Disaster, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. So i have had troubles finding hookups where i live so i went on craigslist and found a guy selling a bong. This must mean he knows a few sellers, he has his phone listed. Oh and the guy lives 3-5 minutes away from me in my town. If I text him and ask him if he knows any legit mj dealers can I get in trouble for that? Is it illegal to ask about it?
  2. You cant get in trouble really. I mean im sure they could stick you with a bonus charge, But any guy selling a bong isnt gonna narc on you im sure.
  3. Thanks for this you seem experienced. And lol thanks for posting so fast people here are active ! I am going to text him right now hopefully he knows some good weed because the last dealer gave me shit mids $10/gram.

    Oh and when i text him should i be upfront about it or use slang words and stuff and make it shady indirectlly.
  4. He isn't a narc, but he is going to think you are. Maybe go buy the bong and then hit him up.
  5. Dont ask about bud upfront.

    Go hit him up about the bong. Say can we meet up somewhere and see it. When you meet with him dont act skethcy obviously. And if you have any bud bring it and offer to smoke a bowl to " test the bong ". After your done smoking ask him if theres anyone around who could get him more bud because that was the last of yours.
  6. Finding new hookups via the internet is always sketchy business, Craig's list can also be pretty sketchy. If you talk to this person and are satisfied that he isn't with the authorities than go for it I guess. But if you are caught anything can be used as incriminating evidence. But the chances that he is any kind of narc are slim, just don't be sketchy and check it out.
  7. The bong is $300 so hell no. And he looks legit right? ps: he lives 2 minutes away legit

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  8. No you dont even have to buy the bong. Thats just an excuse to smoke weed and break eachother in.

    Id much rather ask someone who ive already smoke with for weed then someone i dont know.

    Atleast if he smokes you know hes not a cop. Even though he probbly isnt. And dont text him anything call him. Text's are just another thing that can be used against you.
  9. He said he quit smoking... So I doubt offering to smoke will do much
  10. maybe he meant cigarettes
  11. Not to mention its a "tobbaco" bong

  12. who the hell uses bongs for tobacco especially $300? and i wanna text him but im too scared

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