Can you gain muscle without supplements?

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  1. I've started an at home workout, just dumbbells and push-ups. But i'm not taking any form of supplements. I am eating more than i did previous to my to starting my work out.

    Probably eating 25% more than i used to. But yeah, are supplements really the shit? or do you not really need them?
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    You don't need them if your diet is right. Protein from food is better then whey protein. It's intense muscle contractions is what build muscles not supplements. If food or supplements built muscle then people could just take that and get big and strong. Your body needs a reason to get big and strong that's why you need to lift weights on a regular basis.
  3. Really vague question, but as a really general answer, no supplements won't help you make better gains from lifting weights.

    Are there any specific kinds of supplements you had in mind or any imbalances you feel you have in your body? (I feel I have too much inflammation so I eat/take stuff to combat that)
  4. No bro you cant. Every one in The early days was skimpy as fuck because they didnt have supplements. Are you kidding me? You can get ripped with out supplements.

    You just gotta eat right and have the right attitude and drive about it.
  5. Supplements have their place... but anybody who thinks you need them to get bigger and stronger is the source of a marketing campaign's wet dreams.
  6. Its not that you need them. They just help
  7. IMHO their are only 3 supplements that you might want.

    1. Creatine

    2. whey powder (only because its much easier taking a protein shake in the morning instead of cooking chicken. Protein from food is a much better source.

    3. A pre-workout supplement only if you are unmotivated or you hate going to the gym since it makes you wired lol. Also you need to cycle these supplements because you will get used to the caffeine in them. I just drink 2 cups of coffee before a workout. Cheaper and just as affective.

    Their is absolutely no other supplements you need. If you are a skinny fuck and want to get weight gainers just increase your calories. All weight gainers are is high calorie shakes. might as well just eat nutritious food that's high in healthy fats like avocados and walnuts.

    The main thing about weight lifting is weight lifting. Its the weight lifting that's going to get you big and strong NOT the supplements. You don't need creatine if your just starting out or if your trying to lose fat. When you workout ATP turns into ADP. So when you take additional creatine it donates a phosphate group turning ADP into ATP at a faster rate giving you a couple extra sets and reps.
  8. Can you get ripped through only lifting 4kg (8.8 lb) weights, push-ups and motivation?
  9. Getting ripped? Well you need to do cardio as well. When i want to get to 5%-6.5% bodyfat for the summer i have to do a lot of cardio to get down to that body fat %. 8.8 pounds is nothing though man. Get a 300 pound set of Olympic weights, a bench, adjustable dumbbells, and a squat rack. I workout at home but i have all the equipment the gym has. I have 500 pounds in Olympic weights, squat rack, bench, dumbell rack with lots of dumbells up to 200 pounds. I have a straight bar and a easy curl bar aswell. Planning on buying a treadmill so i can run when its shitty outside. You can only go so far with push-ups and 8.8 pounds lol.
  10. Get rid of these


    And just join golds gym or something. Unless you want to spend quite a bit on equipment. Golds gym is probably the best option since its only going to be about $35 a month.
  11. Well anything will be a gain really, i'm 5'8 and 125 pounds. I do intense indoor soccer for cardio but yeah i'm pretty low on body fat anyway.
  12. If you really want to get tone and you're really skinny just do p90x. Its on the web for free and it works. I'm 5'9 125lbs and after 3 weeks its already starting to show
  13. Yeah go to a gym or get real weights. If youre skinny already, you wanna train with weights, not do more cardio
  14. You're never going to get anywhere with 8 pound dumbells. Your body doesn't need to add any muscle to deal with 8 pounds. You need to lift heavy weights so it thinks "hey, im lifting heavy things a lot, better build some more muscle", and then just give it food to build with.

    Starting Strength Wiki


    Eat meat
  15. [ame=]Chest/Triceps Workout - YouTube[/ame]

    The Hodgetwins are fucking funny, sometimes I just blaze up and watch their videos. Their also pretty smart about bodybuilding and cover a lot of important information to get SWOLE. :cool:

  16. They definitely help, I saw gains much faster when I drank a recovery protein shake and one in the morning here and there. It's expensive and hard to get an ample supply of protein from whole food.

  17. Haha they have like 60% correct info but they are entertaining as hell.

  18. No, you don't need supplements, however you do need an immediate intake of a balanced carb:protein ratio right after your workout. Supplements are just there to provide a easy quick access to those nutrients.

    If you don't take protein or intake enough carbs or reach your daily calorie intake, your muscles will get damaged instead of getting stronger.
  19. I go to Retro Fitness for $20 a month. I lift and run 4-5 days a week. I'm 6'0 180lbs. I don't have a 6pack, but I'm not too far from having one. My arms are jacked.

    I take 2 scoops of C4 a half hour before working out. Then 2 scoops of Myobuild creatine after workout.

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