Can you expand on disrespect?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by FrostedStrowger, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. Seeing how you say that everything is at your \"descretion\" and all decisions are final.

    What do you guys consider disrespect? Am I not allowed to give you admins negative rep? Am I allowed to disagree with your views?

    P.S. - where was Euphoriba\'s warning??

    P.S.S - some examples would be nice. I\'d just like to see what\'s allowed and what\'s not.
  2. You do realize I will be blamed for seeding this fruit don\'t you? Please help me stay and don\'t. :( I\'m sorry for being my usual wiener.
  3. First off we don\'t have to justify any type of ban on any user to anyone other than SJ if we don\'t want. It\'s our job, and in the wake of a big clean up that has multiple stickies and posts everywhere about it, we don\'t have to issue any type of warning if we don\'t want.

    Sure you can disagree with anything you want, but you can\'t show blatant disrespect to any user on the boards, regardless of what usergroup their in. As for neg. rep, neither I nor Rummy care about our rep levels, and are very close to turning the entire function off for the board because so many are. It\'s not being used in the way it was intended for so much anyway.

    And btw, DBW did point out that this friend of hers was banned from every message board she all her posts, she was banned for immaturity.

    And lastly, we\'re not going to take shit from our users for not agreeing with us simply doing part of what is required of us in our position. This is about the overall big picture of the City, and people take things far too personal.

    Edit: I undeleted this thread, and must say I don\'t respect the reason you left in the deletion notice for it.
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