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Can you do this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kermenker, May 12, 2011.

  1. Gut half a cig and replace it with bud? Will the filter filter the THC or no?
  2. called a spliff. and yes
  3. filters are silicon, which is a lipid, which thc is soluble in. so....u wont get as high as if u smoke it straight. will it get u high? only one way to find out. report back.
  4. you can just empty the tobacco from the ciggerette by slightly rolling the ciggerette with your forefinger and thumb so it becomes loose. Use a straw, those clear medium sized straws so it fits in the cigerette and pour the bud in. Make sure you rip off the filter since the THC will be filtered out.
  5. No.    
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    Filter doesnt block thc dont listen to these noobs.

    I have one of those little cig making things with empty cig tubes. I make "ciga-weeds" whenever i get some shitty mids. Lemme tell you man, i get FUCKED UP off em. In a good way,its a much more chill high, probably because the filter blocks out a lotta the caca and you get a cleaner smoke.

    THe filter also turns mad yellow. Almost as much as tobacco :/

    heres a pic incase you dont know what im talking about. it costs about $8 for the maker and tubes

  7. Are u using silicon filters? or cotton? i think cottom should block the thc too though.

    That all being said, how much THC could a filter really snag in one breath? someone post some real evidence please.
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    Isn't a spliff just a joint

  9. joints are rolled. A joint and spliff are pretty much the same thing
  10. my understanding of a spliff is a joint made up of some mixture of weed and tobacco. i've emptied out cigs and replaced the tobacco with pot before. does the job. ive also just sprinkled kief on the end of the cigarette. a few taps and the kief will settle into the cracks between the tobacco. this works as well.

    as far as i know, the filter does not impact the thc whatsoever.
  11. i did this with my cigs before i bought a piece so i prolly did it about 30 times and you will get high as shit. i just filled it with danks and smoked it, it burns fast but it works. ive tried with and without the filter and i cant really tell a difference
  12. It really does depend on the filter. THC tends to cling to stuff. That's why a roach made out of cardboard is way better. A fibrous filter will block a lot of the THC from reaching your lungs. Replace the original with a cardstock roach.
  13. Just get some papers with a cardboard roach, the yellow on the filter is thc, thats why it turned yellow...
  14. dont listen to them. the filter will NOT block the dont actually ingest those little inhale the vapor/smoke.

    the smoke/vapor of the thc will pass through the filter.

    the crystals wont remain on the bud once its burned as thc vaporizes at 350-390 degrees...FIRE is hotter than 350-390...anyone who turns their vaporizer too high can attest to this. (that the mj burns at a higher temp than it vaporizes) so you'll be getting just as high...just no bits of weed to spit out of ur mouth.
  15. I've smoked bud from cigs before. All you do is empty out the cig, grind the weed and put it in. It will get you high, the filter doesn't block the weed I don't know why people are saying that. Mix like 25% of it with tobacco so it doesn't smell like pure weed and you can easily get away with smoking in public.
  16. A spliff is a joint containing weed and tobacco.
    Idk how you would call this in a regular cigarette??

    But anyways, you can roll the cigarette filter around with your fingers, apply a good amount of pressure, then it should just slide out of the cigarette. Now you can rip off half the filter, slide it back in, and therefore have less filtering power.
    Idk if that is necessary though because most people here seem to say that they don't filter out the THC.
  17. Wow, so apparently cigarettes have a shitload of THC in them aswell? Damn wish I had known this earlier..
  18. @ TBPro: ROFL, i know right? B33pB33p probably meant nicotine lol.

    For those who say the filter doesnt block the THC I dont know how that works... When I tried the cigerrette style the first time I cut the filter in half and poked holes on the filter with a toothpick. Even still I didnt achieve a OMG im fkin high, but a real small buzz. Wasted my weed on that shit.
  19. Filters are made from Cellulose acetate, it is the acetate ester of cellulose and is lipophilic, so non-polar (fat soluble) THC and other Cannabinoids will be filtered by it.

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