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  1. ok wasnt sure where to post this but this seems like a good place anyways i want to make hash brownies and ive been lookin up ways to make the hash and crap alot of them say to you alcohol and do the whole coffe filter shit blah blah blah, but i was wondering if i would be able to just put my leaves and all the leftovers etc. in a pan with a stick of butter and then it cook up for a bit then just filter all the shit out and use the butter for the brownie mix wouldnt that work?:confused: any input is greatly apreeciated thanx
  2. last time i made brownies i used an ounce of weed put it in a metal strainer put the strainer in a pan of simmering butter and and then just work the weed around in the strainer till it all looks like it got cooked. then i used the butter for lots of things in cooking. it worked awsome!
  3. get a pot of water (with no shit) lol put your stick of butter in the water and put the weed in the pot, let it simmer for about one and a half hour.then strain it and put it in the fridge.. after a few hours the butter will set on top of the water and WHAM.... you got your butter.. the reoson you use water with the butter (so i read) is because water dont exceed 100 degrees were as butter does and can ruin your thc.. hope i explained it good for you.. i used this method and it worked great...
  4. should i let everything dry up and then grind it up or just leave it whole or what, for ex. the leaves would i want them to dry before i do this or leave them still wet or what?
  5. you want the green to be as finely ground as possible... the more surface area for the butter to extract the thc from the better. Just use a coffee filter or some cheese cloth to strain the crap from the butter...
  6. so in that case i would want to let the leaves dry out so i cant grind that shit up?
  7. let them dry, grind them up, let them cook!
  8. ok thanx so much:hello:

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