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Can you dab the rosin built up in a vape?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Exzyro, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. So I just got my new arizer extreme q and I love it but I'm fairly new to vapes. So after a good couple heavy uses my glass has a very sticky oil film on the inside. Is this a dabable concentrate or is this just gunk to clean out?[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. I'm new too and I've been waiting to collect mine, but I've read on other forums of people soaking them in rubbing alcohol then letting it evaporate and collecting the resin.

    So I'm not sure if it's as potent as bho or the such but it's definitely worth smoking.

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  3. Salutations,

    There are at least 2 types of vaporizers and 2 types of "reclaim", a vast number of vaporizers are of the Hot Dry Air Ovenizer variety while the "honey" reclaim gets improved as an inverse function of baking/ovenizing, exactly. In other words the less a vaporizer bakes/ovenize the better its honey reclaim shall get, including in terms of aroma/taste i believe. While as for the 2nd reclaim relative to spent matter which is left after a session i'd recommend just to ignore it as i once verified that careful extraction (starting with water osmosis filtration...) from 172 g of After Been Vaporized leftover only managed to produce nearly ½ g of tar/cauldron, which confirmed the baking/ovenizing effect of a Hot Dry Air Ovenizer, at the time using a kind of contraption equivalent to some super table Arizer Solo, with a strong stimulating smell wich used to excite my nose as i recall...

    :geek: :rolleyes:

    It was some long time ago, i didn't experience that much in February 2011 except the very 1st week of intensive "vaporist intiation" which resulted in a nice build up, eventually. That was memorable and i once wished the reform of bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionist laws would democratize access to all sorts of extracts for enthousiast amateurs intending to educate their appreciative senses, etc. Instead we got Trudeau and many more decades to come of the same prohibition with a new label: "legaleezation"! Euh... So i somewhat lowered my expectations on access to pro-cannabic goodies. Not to mention the mafia-height price-tags to come!...


    And the taxing, then the taxing on the tax, i figure. :blink:

    Anyway, i've toyed with the V-Tower and must admit from my vague memories of it that this type of reclaim most certainly calls for proper attention as it would be unfortunate to miss a chance to at least aquire some experience of it, since the opportunity shows up conveniently anyway!!


    But one doesn't need to "dab" it, just re-vaporized instead!!

    Or maybe choose an alternative path still relying on fire, except i'd suggest a "1-hitter" like the DynaVap for additional fun, in order to extend the initial value even further without the intensive heat of dabbing. Or think micro-bursting, but that's a whole different story and i better not start this i guess...

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  4. use 90% isopropyl pour it into a small pyrex and put it on top of something slightly warm, like a computer. In a day the alcohol will evap and what left is very much smokeable and potent, it wont taste as good but it gets me medicated.
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  5. If you get yourself a Sublimator, you can have all of the reclaim catch into a container which then can be used in brownies, eaten as is like honey or vaped again. It makes it a ton easier to collect for sure. If you're going to use alchohol to do it, use something pure.
  6. Jesus those things are a rich man's toy! $850+
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  7. Rofl oh yeah man. I just got the atomizer and heater then stuck it in my own glass rig with a catcher for the reclaim. It is a serious piece of equipment but i gotta say, it's worth it. You can put a miniscule amount of material in it and get a huge cloud, the abv from it is reusable, the reclaim builds up pretty fast and is unlike reclaim from any other device. It also works as an enail extremely well. The temp is variable so you can go low or super high.

    I save the hell out of it then use it for brownies or when I want to go to sleep, I dip in a little metal poker and eat it straight.

    I think the next comparable device is the herborizer but I hear that there is much less reclaim buildup from it and the use is a little more limited.

    It will most definitely break the bank hardcore though. I had to save for a year to get one, but I think the advantages are kind of insane. It makes flower hit like shatter and shatter ... hit like shatter ... too.. lol

    It can also burn down your house if you dont have it in a safe area...... That metal gets fucking hot.

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