Can you change the color of your bud?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Inopus, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Obviously the title explains what I'm asking for...

    I was wondering if this is possible, and if so, how to make it become a different color. Is it possible to put a chemical in it that would make a color come out, or a die... I have no idea. I would be greatful if someone could respond to this quickly, seeing how my plants are 2 weeks in.


    It's an outdoor plant, just reg. middies, nothin' special... I just wanted to make it a lil' more vibrant... seems cool. I tried googleing it, but all I got was color changing pipes.

    Links are fine, or and explantion either or...

    Thanks in advance...

    Doesn't matter the color either, red, blue, purple, white (that would be sweet) any color would be sufficient.
  2. food coloring

    may work. Works for Roses. . . .
  3. If your day temperature and night temperature vary drastically the tops of your stems tend to turn a brownish purple.
  4. Mabye, I don't know... But then again you don't smoke the roses now do you? (lol) Hmm, I don't know I thought of that as a possibility but I don't want to get poisoned or anything of that sort. Would I put that in the water, and if so, would it affect the plant in anyway other then color? I was actually thinking about extreme temp. changes, I have heard of that, but these plants are not exactly mobile. They are outdoor plants and can't be brought in under any circumstances. I guess I will try to change the color of one plant as an experiment. What would be the ratio between the water and coloring, is there a point where the coloring will clog the roots? (If that's possible) Because, I know that food coloring is a thicker liquid then water, obviously... I don't know I just don't want this experiment to fall short costing me a full plant's worth of tree's.

    Hopefully there are fresh ideas that will help me, and probably some other curious people out... But thanks again for the ideas. If I do find a way to change the colors of the plant I'm just gunna post it here 'cause I'm nice like that. :cool:
  5. How would you get sick from food coloring? Its FOOD coloring. People injest it all the time on cakes, cookies, etc. in the frosting.
  6. well there is a different between eatting and smoking. People eat lemons all the time but try smoking one.... man, thats a bad idea, trust me. Plus there could be a chemical in the die that would be harmful to the plant.
  7. yeah for that matter you could just squirt some on there afterwards. but the only thing iv heard in color variation is with strains.

    :edit: you smoked lemons?
  8. Wait until the plants just about to bud, then put the colour changing whatever your using. No point of uisng it when the plant is vegging.
  9. Why would you want to change the colors of the bud?
    What will this do for you?
  10. He's going to tax it.

    $25 a gram because its purple
  11. Like Noid said, "He's going to tax it." Hmmm, possibly... lol. Well maybe, I just might do that; but if you really think about it, why not? I wouldn't be charging them THAT much, lol, definitly not 25 a gram. Maybe 30 an 1/8
  12. 30 an 1/8 is a deal around here.
  13. Let us know if it works.
  14. If this works it sounds like a cool idea. Good luck man.
  15. damn dude!
    an 1/8th is $50 here $60 if it's taxed.
  16. :O 40 an quad, 25 eighth, CANADA FTW
  17. like a good year ago i know some one did some kind of experiment with food coloring and what not. and changed the color or the buds..i think they might have did it with kool-aide i'm not sure. search it up .
  18. frui juice the water adds colors though
  19. i actually heard of people dying their hair with kool-aid. it might just work.
  20. yeah, if you dont dilute kool aid with too much water it can be used as a dye.

    However kool aid has a lot of crap in it that I wouldnt want in my soil.

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