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  1. Hi all. PLEASE HELP!!

    I am hoping to start a grow v.soon and am trying to do this on as tiny a budget as is possible. (£150-£200 max).
    My intention is to use a 400w CFL bulb to try to keep running costs low and a very small grow tent (no taller than 1.2m).
    I have already got soil, pots, seeds etc. but am needing everything else (carbon filter/timer/extension lead/fan/reflector/ballast? etc).

    So the challenge is, can anyone recommend budget versions of all the items I would need, within the aforementioned budget?

    Can this be done?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


    PS. The tent will be set-up in an attic bedroom so fan needs to be quiet and smell needs to be contained. Wont be able to send air outside but it will be close to a window thats open all night and part of the day so hoping that will work.

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