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can you be addicted to bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ganji, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. my names ganji. just for the introduction purpose.

    is it possible to be addicted to bud?
    im well educated on the subject, but i cant figure this out.

    i got a paraphenlia ticket like a week ago.
    and, long story short, i have to take a UA.
    and my piss has got to come out clean.

    help me figure out how to dilute it.
    oh, and the addiction thing.
    just when i considered quitting, i got this empty feeling.
    and i freaked out, like i would be.. not the same without bud.
    like i need it.

  2. Yep it can deffinatly be addictive...
  3. technically it is no t phyisically addictive meaning that if you stop smoking it out of the blue, your body is not going to shut down or anything, but pscyologically....

    psycologically yes it can be addictive, and you can crave it, or want more, but hey give it a weeek and its not as bad
  4. I would just suck it up and quit, if you keep smoking you're just begging for trouble.

    It's not that hard, after one or two days of not smoking I barely even think about weed. Even after smoking for months at a time.
  5. Short answer:
    Yes, but you cannot be dependent on marijuana.

    Long answer:
    Marijuana is Mentally addictive. Things like, video games, exercise, eating, ect. can all be mentally addictive. Withdraw is very mild compared to other substances you may become irritable, tired, restless, or may have none of these symptoms. Most of the symptoms go away in less than a week, and none are bad enough to make you want to light up.

    In the end with almost no effort you can stop smoking marijuana.
  6. i have seen so many damn people on this site say oh no i could quit anytime. thats a load of shit. its addictive as hell, because being high feels better than being sober. so if you have the choice, why not? thats exactly what your brain says. but no, you dont get withdrawls or anything because like natedogg said its not physically addictive.
  7. try exercising and drinking lots of water
  8. Fuck you probably can, but I know when i can't smoke after the first day of not smoking it's like "whatever" you stop thinking about it so much
  9. you can be addicted to anything.
  10. You can't blame an addictive personality on cannabis.

    People always overlook that.

    Sure we all love getting baked, that's why we're here, but any responsible person who is facing trouble with the law or something else can quit, and quit easily. I just smoked for 4 months straight, daily, I ran out of bud and I haven't smoked in 4 days, by the time I woke up yesterday morning I didn't even crave weed.
  11. Physically, no. Its not.
    Mentally it can be.

    I love smoking weed, fucking love it. But I've quit.. just because. I wasn't ready to sell my grandmothers heart to find some.

    Its just not addictive, you may WANT to smoke really bad, but you arn't going to be laying in your bed for 3 days having hot & cold sweats throwing up because you don't have some.
  12. yeah my body isnt going to shut down from quitting marijuana but if i really want it bad i can be irritable and restless.
  13. i have a friend who has been smoking over an 8th a day for like a year now. deals just to pay for it. if he stops, he gets terrible stomach cramps and feels like passing out/throwing up until he smokes again. that's addiction man. and he's a pretty in control person. intelligent. just smoked so much that he's like that. you can say all you want that it isn't physically addictive, but if that's true, wtf do you call his case?

    you won't get addicted smoking anything less than a ridiculous amount, but this changed my previous assumption that its impossible.
  14. Jaysis Christ how many on grasscity don't know how to use the search function. It is psychologically addictive but one of the more easier addictions to break esspecially if motivated but unless your grades suck, your in trouble with the law, your family hates you or your losing your woman(or man) theres no reason to stop
  15. Yes it is addicting as so many people above have told you.
  16. its a different kind of addiction. its not like cigarette adddiction. last month i was like alright im gonna try to quit smoking cigs. i went the whole month surprisingly but i was always irritable, moody, and shit like that. ive gone weeks without weed and ive never been like i was with cigarette withdrawal. sure youre gonna want it if you dont smoke for a while, but its not aaddictive like cigarettes are and wont make you all moody and shit

  17. is there anything i can do to make quitting for a couple months easier?
  18. I have stopped for 6 months and have a half of Blueberry Kush in the fridge now. I can smoke whenever I want,although I did stop bc Im trying to find a job. I was a daily smoker for 3 years before this break and previously to the 3 years, I smoked for 5 years daily before stopping for 4 weeks.( I dont do the whole Tbreak shit) I have no problem not smoking weed, The first 3 days I did have a problem sleeping but just bought over the counter sleeping pills. So I wouldnt call weed addictive like Cigs or Opiates are. I really struggle with not smoking Cigs, in fact I cant do it.

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