Can working in the legal marijuana industry hurt future career opportunities outside of the industry?

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  1. Hello, I recently graduated from a state college with bachelor's degree in a broad field with limited jobs. I am currently pursing a Paralegal Certificate, in hopes of possibly using this knowledge in my future career. My wife has been interviewing with a large company, and if offered the position, we will be relocating to Colorado Springs. I've always been a cannabis advocate and see this as a great opportunity to get into an entry level position in the industry. Most people have complained about the lack of appropriate pay in this industry, but that is not an issue for me (being employed making minimum wage is way better than unemployed with a college degree). However, I am curious about whether this would impact future employment outside of the industry. Does anyone have any experience or know anyone who has worked in the cannabis industry, but decided to pursue something else?

  2. Depending on what you are doing I don't think so.
    Do you want to sell in the shops or design highly specialized grow systems to increase yield?
    Go for the big bucks
  3. Can't think of how it would hurt any career unless it's something like.. policeman, DEA officer, or something.

  4. You'll be fine. I believe America is slowly opening up more and more to Marijuana. It used to be the same way when people would judge someone if they had piercings and tattoos, but shit everyone walking down the street has them now. We've grown accustomed to it, the same will apply to Marijuana.
  5. I'd have to say that it probably all just depends on what you're looking for, where you are looking for it, and if you decide to let them know about it if they haven't figured it out for themselves. If you go for like-minded jobs outside the industry, yet connected to it, you may have better luck and have zero issue making money. There is always, of course, several, niche, under the radar jobs where such things likely wouldn't be a problem. It all comes down to whatever you're willing to work and willing to make. This is all completely stoned, amateur speculation, though.

  6. I could see it afecting industry if you picked up where hemp once was. It was once a "super crop" untill the tech got surpressed due to corpriate greed and propaganda.
  7. i say it can. Depends who is making the decision to hire you and what the circumstances are
  8. I say it doesn't matter. Live your life. Manifest your reality. Live without regrets. Don't live life by a resume and constructed and outdated social norms.

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  9. I don't see it as a benefit in a career in the future. Unless you ran the business and made great profits in marketing. Then a company may want you for marketing but not much else. You will be in a legal state. Just grow for yourself and have fun.

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  10. Depends on how you describe the work you did.
    Customer service, attention to detail, security aspects, etc.

  11. Not true. Lower members of the food chain or small scale operations will get killed by taxes which kills everything, but there are several companies doing very well that don't have an issue of low pay.

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote' >(being employed making minimum wage is way better than unemployed with a college degree).
    </blockquote>You are a rare breed of SMART because of this.

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    You would be better off with a minimum wage job in a normal industry. You can't get a key holders license for two years and any job that only requires a support badge is going to be minimal skill labor. The possibility of the negative impact is greater than any benefit of putting a bud tender or trimmer position on your resume.
  13. Why would you get a degree that is useless

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  14. Why would you thinking learning is useless unless you get paid for it? Just because someone gets a degree in a subject that interests them doesn't make it useless, them ignorant, or anything else negatively perceived by those that hold your same ignorant opinion

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  15. Especially considering a lot of professions while they may prefer a degree in a particular field, you'd be surprised at how many high profile jobs just want A degree. Of some kind. Employers don't always look at what you learned, but that you learned a lot going through school for whatever subject.

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  16. Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, and former US presidential candidate, became the CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc., and just recently announced that he is going to run for US president in the country's third-largest (and most marijuana friendly) political party. I think you're fine, OP.

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