Can weed trigger anxiety?

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    I've been smoking for about 2-2 1/2 years. Started when I was 16, I'd say over the last year and a half I've noticed myself to be extremly anxious and always worrying about things and it just stresses me to death. I remember myself being talkative, confident about my looks, personality etc (Even when smoking) . And now it seems as though everything has turned around. I'm using xanax for my anxiety, it helps a little bit but not much. I wouldnt be able to handle myself at school w/o it. It's pathetic. Even when im on xanax if I smoke it will cause me to be lifeless, dull and depressed (Not to mention very bad anxiety) . I just cant seem to quit the weed , even if it does all that to me. Any suggestions? Just feeling really down atm.. trying to find solutions to my life :(
  2. Yes, weed can absolutely trigger anxiety and depression in some.

    I would suggest smoking during the proper time and place settings. Something that will almost guarantee a good time. Also, don't smoke as much per smoke session.
  3. well weed is really mental.....your anxiety problems are all in your yeah i'd say the two may bump heads....
  4. I've been told that so many times... its all in my head. But I just cant help it. Also can weed cause depression/anxiety even when your not high? like after effects?
  5. I think it can if you let it, try to meditate before smoking, that might take the edge off of your high. I never understood the deal with pharmaceutical drugs for personality disorders and the like, to me it's a big kick in the crotch to be told - "you need our help to conquer yourself "
  6. Yes it can man.

    Just smoke in moderation
  7. Yes, but not always. If you have access to a variety of strains, then you need to play around with the ratios of sativa/indica and find your sweet spot.

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