Can u super crop every branch?

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  1. Can u super crop every branch. One a week. Or is that too much. And how about super cropping the same branch 2-3 times. I couldn't find any post on this. Would it stress the plant out.

    SC 1x during veggie
    SC 1x right before flowering.

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  2. What would be the point of it? Is it supposed to make your buds bigger? Because you're not getting any extra nutrient flow if that's what you're thinking. That knuckle is just creating a new path where you fucked it up.
  3. I just started. I am waiting to hear what people think.

    I tried it with a branch on my plant and it's the bushiest branch on the plant.

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  4. Nothing.

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  5. Taken from super crop guide
    ''Once you've picked the horizontal line, you need to take your thumb and forefinger and squeeze at that location. You should do this for virtually every branch if you think the plant can withstand a full super cropping. You should squeeze at a uniform point, turning you're the branch about 90 degrees every time. The tops themselves should end up folded over. You don't want to be too firm to the point where you break the branch entirely off, but you also don't want to be too lenient to where the plant regains its vertical posture within a matter of hours.''
  6. Thank u. Where did u find that

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  7. On the internet.
    LOL, did a papaya on 4 of the 6 main branches a few weeks ago while in early f;ower and the buds are almost too heavy for the branches.
  8. Trellising or LST (low stress training) accomplishes the same things without stressing the plant out one bit.
    Meristematic growth hormone is redirected to side branches, and ALL branches receive the same (or nearly the same) amount of light.
    This technique most definitely increases yield.

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