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  1. I found a couple seeds in the weed I got a while ago, just middies....I dont know strains.
    I want to grow them, but Ilive with my parents so its pretty much out of the question. I want to just go out in the woods and plant them somewhere and see if they grow. If they dont, no big deal. If they do, free weed! Ive never grown before, so I have a few Q's...

    -Can I use fertilizer? or will the chemicals be bad for the plant?
    -It's summer right now, so I dont think I would need to use a heat lamp. But would it need to be in direct sunlight?
    -I know grow times vary from strain to strain...but when should i expect to see a sprout? Like after how long should I be able to tell if its a dud?
    - After I pick the buds off, how do I dry them?

  2. You REALLY should do a search, but I'll help you anyay -

    1. Yes, after around 3 weeks you should start using a fetilizer, water solubale with a rating of 20-20-20 is recommended.
    2. Ummm, how would you use a heat lamp in the forest? It would need to get at least 5 hours of direct sunlight a day.
    3. Once you have germinated the seed and planted it, it should take between 1-7 days for a sprout to come up.
    4. You manicure the plant then hang it upside down in a warddrobe or something similar.

  3. thanks for the info- and yeah, im doing some research now :smoke:

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