Can this be jacked to shine to the brightness needed?

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  1. Gday this is a scrolling led teletext board or something like that , can this be rigged to maximise my power/brightness through the LEDS?
    Or used in any aspect? CIA 13D22BD3-BFB7-4123-A5AB-CDBEAA0E0A99.jpeg 13D22BD3-BFB7-4123-A5AB-CDBEAA0E0A99.jpeg 8B838956-10BB-4910-A988-C3775F0DB803.jpeg F6C5AFE5-FB77-4856-8A17-52E2987BBE0B.jpeg
  2. White is a very handy color to have here ?

    I suspect an old LED TV is more worthy

    as you can then fiddle with the brightness button

    look for a small screw pot

    that you turn up with a very small screw driver

    good luck

    ps check for purple?
  3. I feel like you're being serious, but hope you aren't.
  4. [​IMG]
    above typical pots ..what is it that you have problems understanding?
  5. Thanks for that mate appreciate the help ,pretty sure it’s just the 1 red and 1 green leds when they both light up they make the orange, could the white come from a different light source?
  6. As informed as the other gentlemen might be , keep in mind when in comes to hydro setups ...I’ll try anything as whacky as it may be , but do you detect a problem?, please share bro
  7. I doubt you will get anything resembling a proper spectrum, not to mention shitty efficiency converting power usage to usable light for growing. I get it that you want to save by using something that you have but the reality is you will be wasting electricity using these things and will end up spending more in the long run.

    If you are looking for affordable lights check quantum boards, not only are they pretty darn cheap to DIY but they are also the most efficient lights on the market right now.
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  8. these light boards are very similar to todays grow light just less power and gimo's added

    take it to a tech he may overide the silly AI and replace the ballast

    so you can grow your tomatoes under

    let us know either way

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  9. These text boards are not built with diodes made for horticulture but for brightness perceived by the human eye. Even if you jacked up the power going to them, assuming they could even handle it without blowing out, the spectrum will be all wrong and you would be lucky to get 50% of the PAR for the same amount of electricity used compared to lights that are made with diodes for growing, let alone quantum boards which even leave cobs in the dust.

    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, MY opinion, man.
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  10. You're explaining it to a guy that said to use an led tv to grow.
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  11. Led tvs use the same diodes as grow lights. Where do you think They came from?
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  12. Yeah I can’t believe the shade being thrown at this guy for pointing out a very good diy light.

    These days you can even find damaged TVs that can salvage the LED portion from.
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  13. No they absolutely do not use the same diodes.

    Horticulture Lighting Applications | SAMSUNG LED

    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, MY opinion, man.
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  14. If by shade you meant explaining that OP will end up paying more and getting less by using these text boards then yeah guilty as charged.

    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, MY opinion, man.
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  15. No i agree that board is trash. I was saying LED TV LEDs are not. Not saying they are the best LEDs but I’ve seen ppl take broken ones and use them for lights. Not grow lights, but professional photo shoot lights.

    If I had a broken LED, I’d be game!
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  16. I would argue that an LED would also be pretty bad at growing plants, maybe better then a text matrix fixture but i doubt it will be by much.

    The reason being that tvs are geared towards being efficient at producing lumens, which are the measurement of light output as perceived by the human eye. Lights that are good at producing lumens have a high yellow and green spikes because these colors are better perceived by our eyes but plants have little use for these spectrums. Plants use light that is better measured in PAR (photosynthetic Active Radiation) and has a different spectrum mostly concentrated on reds and blues while greens are almost not used so already 1/3 of the RGB LEDs on a TV screen are almost useless (I say almost because plants do use green light but very little of it).
    Another factor to consider here is that color on a TV screen is achieved by controlling the ratios of the red green and blue diodes on it but ultimately the diodes are producing the same wavelength of light from each color, only at different intensities, so while you could achieve 3k or 4k or 2.7k colored light across the board this is only perceived by the eye and will not contain many of the wavelengths outside of the specific ones produced by the three diodes which plants require.


    In the first image above you can see the spectrum absorbed by photosynthesis while the second image shows spectrum sensitivity for the human eye.

    Bottom line, id say growing a plant with a TV will be akin to slicing bread with a butter knife, it can be done but very poorly.

    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, MY opinion, man.
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  17. Ppl grow mj very poorly all the time lol. Some are even happy about it.

    If someone grew weed out of recycled anything they get a thumbs up in my book. Would not snob them because they found a way to recycle that included growing weed. Even if poorly.

    Hell there’s a shotglass grow comp on here. It’s not always about yields bro.

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  18. Thanks for taking the time to explain it. I had no intentions to. I keep my answers short these days ;)
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  19. This is a classic. Lol TV grow lights. You just can't make this kind of comedy up
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    Quit frankly it doesn’t matter to me what people choose to do in the end it’s not my business and I wouldn’t look down on any decision but OP asked a question and we are giving him the facts. What he does with this information is entirely up to him, no one is telling him what to do.

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