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  1. So about two weeks ago I had a seed sprout, and it's doing awesome. So I decided to try again and really put some effort in. I'm a total n00b lol, but I read that you should sterilize the soil. So I sterilized the soil in the microwave, and it came out pretty dry and sandy. So I added water and mixed, but I accidentally added wayyyy to much water and it got really soupy. So I attempted to filter out as much of the excess water as I could and got it for what I think is acceptable. I put the soil in a solo cup with some small rocks in the bottom for drainage. I also poked about 8 holes in various places. I placed the germinated seed about 1/2" under the very loose soil (sprout sideways) and added a few drops of a water+miracle grow solution over the top of it the soil where I put the seed. Do you think that this is too wet of soil for the seed to properly grow? How long should I wait to water again? All responses appreciated :) thanks.
  2. Seeds demand moisture, even sprouts do. But there are better ways of germinating your seeds than planting them directly into the soil. 
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    It's hard for me to say if there's too much water without seeing it.
    But your best bet would be to put your cup somewhere warm and put a piece of plastic over it to give it the green house effect until it pops thru the soil.
    I'd be more worried about the MG you added. You don't need any nutes for at least 3 weeks
    Since you don't have to worry about nutes for awhile I'd work on getting you PH testing equip and PH up & down. PH plays a huge role
  4. PH is a huge part of seeds, clones etc. I have always planted my seeds directly into a peat pog or Rockwell cube. (1 inch). By soaking the peat pog in luke warm ph'ed (5.4-5.8 this will ph the cube or pog to around 6.2) water with the recommended dose of food, placed on a heat mat with a dome, the seed should poke out in 3-5 days. I would use a propagator of some sort, like root accelerator or growzime to assist in vigorous root growth. once you have a healthy root system transplant into a new container, rule of thumb - 1.5 gallons per month of life. hope this helps. :smoking:
  5. I germinated it using the paper towel method for about 5 days prior to planting it.

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