Can this be cloned?

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  1. I have 12 seedlings all growing right into my scrog screen atm; and I have no idea wtf sex they are.
    Are these branches old enough to be cloned? IDC about removing the whole branch; I'd rather that since my screen is basically 1/2 filled already in vege.(as soon as their branches reach it)
    I don't even care about roots; I just want flowers to start popping so I can see what they are
    The plants are about a month old now

    The branches are 2 obvious nodes with some stretch, and a cluster at the head; 3-5 nodes total. I was thinking about cutting tomorrow, and sexing them under 10/14.

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  2. Yup, you can clone that.
  3. Thanks, I took em tonight. A few are kinda small (2 inches), little worried about them sexing. On a 10/14 now.

    On another related thought;
    If I stick two clones in a cube, and I know 100% they are females, would it matter? I don't care if the root mass is shared; I was going to dwc for the first time with them. Would it inhibit root formation between the two? I wouldn't think it'd do much, but there could be something I'm missing entirely
  4. the roots will fight for space. best to give them their own area.
  5. Sadly I dont have the space. They were just mishaps within my garden; While training, they broke. Haha. IDC too much about roots fighting for space since its going to be in a DWC; my thought was to grow it as if it were 1 plant.
  6. would be better to just grow one plant then. veg until it is a third of the overall size you can handle then switch to flower.

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