Can these be saved?? With pics

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  1. Ok these have been growing under a normal house hold light and coming on nicly... but I thought there ready to go under the main light in the tent an they was under the light for 1 an half hr an this happened!!!

    Can they be saved?
    1st pic just before they went in

    And the 2nd ones as I've just toke them out!!! Please tell me that they'll come back!

    And for future reference at what point do they go in the tent under a power full light?

    Thanks all please give me some good news

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  2. These are the stretch armstrong of cannibus. I dont know if there is much saving these boys but you could try taking a toothpick and attching it to the stem with a wire tie. But still it looks like you have all these plants under one cfl am i right?
  3. Yeah that's rite, I take it they shouldn't be that size then?

    Can I germinate an put straight in the tent under the main light?

    Should the light be closer then?

    Was the main light to power full And the fact there stretched why they melted?
  4. Im not to new to growing i got about 7 grows under my belt so i will try to help you. First you cant use 1 CFL light and expect it to grow like 10 plants. I dont grow with CFLs but i can tell you they are not the best for growing and if you can try to get a HPS/MH light i got mine on ebay for 70 and it grows about 3 ounces dried a grow. Second, When you germinate you are supposed to put the germinated seed in soil and than let the sprout break soil than put it under the light. If the soil gets to hot the sprout will fry which look like what might have happened to a couple of your babys. These seeds look kind of trashed. If i were you i would start from scratch with the new knowledge you have it always works better than trying to save crap plants trust me.
  5. Thanks for the replys mate, very much appreciated

    I have a 600watt HPS in a grow tent with a wilma system ready an waiting

    So as soon as they break the soil do I pit them in the tent under the 600 w HPS? And how far away does the lamp want tobe? Cos it's gunn get pretty hot in there

    Again thanks for the reply mate :)
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    Personally, I would re pot them into deeper pots, and bury some of that stem, then get them under the hps like yesterday. I thought mine were stretched bad, but that isnt good man.

    I am a newbie too but have lots of free time, and have done lots of reading. I would suggest the same. Most of your questions have already been answered more than once, and the search function works well.

    Once they have poked out of the ground, get them under good light as soon as possible. If you dont, they will start stretching looking for light as you can see. Start with your hps light about two foot or so away, and adjust it according to your plants behavior and canopy temps. New sprouts arent made of glass, just dont get them too hot and I think you'll be fine. Running the risk of cooking them is better than starving them to death by preventing photosynthesis, at least in my opinion.

    Mine were about that size a few days ago, and had stretched as I was waiting on my light due to bad timing. After a couple of days under the mh, they are doing 200% better and seem to be doing good.

    As far as the heat, you need to have a way to get the hot air out of the tent and fresh air in if you dont already. It doesnt matter what light your using, the plants are only gonna take so high of a temperature before reacting adversely.
  7. Nice one thanks, I re potted about an hour ago took to the tent an no my bloody HPS light won't come on, just flickers an then nothing!!!!! Gutted! Have no idea what's wrong with that!

    Yeah I have a carbon filter an fan an then a fan blowing fresh air in so I have everything but a bloody light now!!!!

    Thanks again for your time guys :)
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    Dude do you have a ballast? As far as im aware they cause any lights (other then CFLs) to flicker and fail but this is not actual experience but hours and hours of searching through hydrophonics shops online.
  9. Sorry just re-read my previous statement and I wrote it during my wake and bake lol! I ment to put not having a balast (powerpack) it can cause lights other then CFL's to flicker and fail... Peace
  10. Well I read through other people's experianc's with these bulbs and it seemed like it had died so I rang the shop that I bought it from an they said they'd send a new upgraded one out in the post first class so that's good news,

    Just need it like yesterday thats all!

    Fingers crossed I can turn these beauts round :)

    Cheers guys

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