Can The Us Government Claim Ownership On Your Dna? Genetic Slavery Is Here

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    This is truly disturbing. What if Monsanto decided they wanted to start buying the rights to everyone's DNA? What if they decided to start cloning people left and right so that they could manipulate people's genetic codes? How would you feel if they made your genetic twin, just so they could grow a fish tail on it instead of legs? This kinda shit creeps me out, it has the makings for a bad scifi flick written all over it...

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    This may be a bad sci-fi movie, but they nailed the dystopia.
  3. More fuel to the fire.

    It actually.seems innevitable now. The fed is just being stupid. They are pretty much saying.out lowd fuck you brainwashed sheep we have the power now you are too late

    They are wrong

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  4. Do not feed this fire.. nothing good is going to come about discussing it either.

  5. If Natural News told me it was Thursday, I would double check it on a calendar. 
    It is seriously one of the worst dis-info sites out there.
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    Irrelevent. The ops topic is a serious issue and has been for a while.

    Its all ready established that genes can be copywriter and many human ones already are

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  7. Yes, it is relevant. And no, the government does own your DNA.

    Natural News is anti-science, anti-medicine, pro-quackery, pro-conspiracy, and literally one of the worst websites on the Internet to information from. I'm going to point out this source of disinformation every time I see it presented as anything other than the bullshit that it is.

    You can believe whatever you want, and you are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts.
  8. Agreed.

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  9. I didn't even go to the site dude.

    And also your right the government doesn't own your genes the corperations do

    Its common knowledge that the human genome is being patented. GE is protected under intellectual copy right laws. The entire human genome will eventually be copyrighted.

    Yea the paranoid conspiracy theorists are acting like this is going to turn into slavery.

    Then again it sets a dangerous precedent and opens the door to many dangerous consequences.

    For example.

    By law Monsanto can copy right genes.

    By law they can persecute anyone for breeding plants without these genes.

    The laws are already in place. You could end up with people getting persecuted for having sex and spreading copyrighted genes.

    Does that not scare you?

    Let me guess, people are good and that will neeeeeeeever happen.

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    There is a different between owning a patent on a specific genetic test and "owning your DNA."
  11. There is a different between owning a patent on a specific genetic test and "owning your DNA."

    I understand this. But do you not see the danger?

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  12. And Monsanto already owns the patent to specific plant DNA, This is a proven FACT, not disinfo, because they're using those same patents to sue farmers when the pollen from Monsanto seed spreads into a non-Monsanto field and propagates their crops.
    Now, this may be some conjecture, but given their past, it shouldn't surprise anyone if by this point they've developed some sort of genetic mutation animal/s that they've also patented the DNA to. If the government is going to sell DNA patents for plants and animals, it's no major leap in logic that they will also do so with human DNA. The only question to be answered then, is have they yet? And if not, how long til they do? It's no matter of if, only when.
  13. Myriad Genetics has a monopoly over BRCA1 & BRCA2 testing in the USA. Other nations, such as Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan are shamelessly neglecting the patents, offering affordable tests in many locations. Myriad has to rely on marketing strategies besides enforcing patents, but in America, the patent scheme is working for now. Like the Monsanto Protection Act, I don't think these patents have any staying power. They're too ridiculous and people will protest against that kind of nonsense until the government overturns it.
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    I think there's a lot of misinformation being spread in this thread.

    You cannot simply patent natural DNA nor genes in their natural state like the OP and many posters here suggest. The government does not own, cannot own, nor have they ever distributed ownership patents of your DNA. As quoted directly from the US patent office:
    However, what CAN be patented are the utility of the genes, the isolation process of genes, the isolated genes themselves, detection of genes, etc. Again, the natural genes themselves (i.e. your DNA) cannot be patented, so to suggest the government could own your DNA is not valid. From the same source as above:
    In the case of Monsanto, they can patent genes because they have modified them in a specific way to carry out a specific function, such as the mutations to a gene that confer pesticide resistance. These are not natural genes, which is why they can be patented and why they can persecute those who spread their non-natural genetic material.

    Basically the OP is just an example of taking information out of context. I can only assume they do this because they don't understand/don't want to understand what constitutes patentable genetic material. To suggest people could be prosecuted for having sex is just absurd (that's directed at you, Yuri).

    Note that I am not defending patents in general, patents of genetic material, nor Monsanto in any way. I'm simply pointing out the disinformation being spread in the OP and by others in this thread.

    The criticisms here are pure speculation for the purpose of fear mongering and unfortunately is a great example of what happens when people hear only what they want to hear.
  15. I got corporations following me and taking a fifth every time I spit on the ground.
  16. It has begun...

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  17. I thought we decided we weren't just going to straight up attack each others sources anymore and that it was a fallacy but oh well. 


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