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Can the cops drug test me?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by OrangeK, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Since you guys are all experienced smokers I figured you can help me out with this. Someone in my family is going into the Police Academy and I was recently informed that they were going to be running background checks, checking my grades in school, and they could possibly random drug test me from now until July. If i F*** up on pretty much any of those my relative can be denied as an officer. I was wondering if they can do this without my consent? Or should I just stop smoking until July so I don't risk screwing up my relatives career? Or can they not drug test me and I can keep smoking?
  2. No the cops cannot drug test you if you have a relative in the police academy.
    Why the hell would they check your grades? You're not even the one trying to apply..whoever told you that shit is an idiot

  3. I was told if I fail a class, get in trouble with the police, or fail a drug test I might receive from them they can deny my relative into the police force.
  4. Idk maybe if you fail a drug test, are you getting a drug test any time in the future?
    I'm just trying to tell you they cannot just up and decide to drug test you for the hell of it
  5. someones trolling you

  6. No I've never been tested before. I was just told they might issue a random drug test sometime, and if I fail it my relative won't be allowed to join the police.
  7. sounds illegal and wrong
  8. No, that's all bullshit.

    You should have no affect on whether a relative can be a cop..... hell, I used to know the sherrifs daughter and she did mad crazy shit....

    Sounds like your family is lying to you to drug test you, since you are over 18, tell them to fuck off
  9. That's a load of shit man.

  10. I dated a police chief's daughter once and we smoked in her room with her dad in the kitchen right next to us. what is it with authority figures' daughters and insanity? :rolleyes:

  11. no but there goes your relative's reputation
  12. A police stasion, at least in the US, couln't do that. Its illegal. Contact the ACLU.

  13. lmao OP getting punk'd

    and too naive to know? LMAO?
  14. #14 Nookies, Mar 18, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 18, 2012
    Your parents are lying to you in attempt to make you do good in school and stop smoking. Simple as that. Which is clever actually. What makes it even more LOL worthy is you actually believe the cops can do that.

    The grades should of been a give away..Why on earth would cops check up on your grades which is completely irrelevant to a family member joining the force? LOLOLOL.

    Now they obviously do background checks on the person attempting to join the force as well as drug testing but thats about it...
  15. No that's not true at all

    My friend is a cop and his brother is a homeless heroin addict that killed a man using a chair

    How old are you op?
  16. One of my dealers is the son of a sheriff. His dad (the sheriff) smokes fake weed.
  17. They can not test you without consent, and your pass or fail should have nothing to do with a relative at all. If I kill someone, are my parents responsible just because they brought me into the world? Not really logical, whoever told you this is a retard.
  18. Wow... just wow. No. Why in the hell do ANY of those things matter for your relative to get on at the police academy? Please, think this through. How does it make any bit of sense that your relative be denied because of YOUR grades?
    Seriously, if that were the case NOBODY would get in!

    They cannot drug test you, and they're not going to drug test you. Whoever told you otherwise is so full of shit, its ridiculous.

  19. 18, last semester in senior year high school.
  20. someone is shaking your cage bubba LOL

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