Can someone try this?

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  1. I smoked about a gram in a blunt yesterday and got fuucked up, anyways I had a pretty great idea towards the comedown. What if you mixed butter with some warm water then put it in your bong to replace plain water. This would be good for making some quick cannabutter, but still get to smoke at the same. At least some of the thc will get absorbed right?
  2. i dont think enough would get absorbed to have a noticeable effect. also the butter would get nasty and get filled with resin and carcinogens and ashes
  3. Thanks for the imput, I just wanna get 1 more opinion to be sure. Maybe someone already tried. Anythings possible on GC
  4. i dont think anyone would want to eat butter that came out of a bong regardless of how high it got you, like stated, it would be savage as fuck, covered in resin and ash.
  5. i wuld never disrespect a bong by puttin butter in it
  6. Thats a bad idea. I would think that the butter would hold the THC so you would not get any in the smoke(Doesnt THC stick to fat). Besides the butter would taste nasty.
  7. IF it got you the slightest bit high, which it wouldn't, You would be eating butter mixed with water, that was used to filter smoke, and caught ashes.

    Is that really what you want to do? Or can you just smoke a bowl like a normal person or make cannabutter like a normal person?
  8. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh :eek: that sounds nasty beyond words.
  9. butter would be ashy, smoke would be less enjoyable
  10. I'm still trying to figure out how:
    A. You kept yourself to rolling only a gram in a blunt?
    B. How you got fucked up off just a gram?
    C. Why would anyone put anything besides water in a bong?
  11. well maybe he got fucked up off a gram because thats the reason most people smoke weed, i dont know about you.

  12. this is a strange post, one gram blunts sound fine to me, and definitely plenty to get mighty stoned. unless your tolerance is super high.

    anyway, about the main question the OP is asking (the title of the thread)... i don't think anyone here is stupid enough to try your idea (which was thought of while high, so i forgive you ;)), because the butter would taste like absolute shit. it wouldn't be the same flavour as cannabutter... it would taste like bong water and ash... sorry OP :eek:
  13. Woah, tough guy here..........please tell me what's wrong with putting only a gram in a blunt? And most people would get decently fucked up if they were smoking it all themselves.......but not you though right? :rolleyes:
  14. I'm just wondering why you you waste a blunt wrap/cigar on a gram, that's more joint worthy. Blunts should be big and enjoyable, i have never rolled one under 2 grams and even that was kinda light. And ya, my tolerance is pretty high, not trying to be a douche or anything, but a gram doesn't really do much unless i haven't blazed in while.
  15. ^I semi agree. A 1 gram blunt is on the smaller side. But to each their own. The butter in the bong wouldnt really work that great. The smoke is only in the liquid for a fraction of a second which really isnt enough time for it to absorb enough THC to get you high in an edible. Also butter is a fat, and fat and water dont mix, so the inside of your bong would be kinda gross, and like everyone said, resin and ash isnt good eats
  16. I got an idea...Try respecting the English language.

    From one toker to another, it doesnt make you look any smarter.
  17. i got an idea. why dont you try it out. n let us know its like?
  18. If you do try it out, get a carbon filter to filter out as much shit as possible before it gets to the butter/water

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