Can someone tell me what this is?

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  1. So I bought this piece at a shop in South Lake Tahoe, CA and I can't figure out what exactly the blower was going for. I used it dry and the pipes inside acted as an ashcatcher but I can also put water in it and it bubbles like a bubbler. HALP
    photo 1 (1).JPG photo 2 (1).JPG photo 3 (1).JPG photo 4.JPG

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    That thing is wacky as hell. I'd guess a real compact pocket bubbler. Sort of crossed with a chillum. That's actually a really sweet piece, you could just stick it in your pocket and not worry about it spilling. Shit, I want one, that thing is dope.
  3. Eh, are you sure that's not a crack pipe?
  4. Yeah man it's pretty sick. I just wasn't sure what it was intended for. The guy who sold it to me didn't even know haha. I only paid $40 for it.
  5. Yea that's how i'd explain it too. You think it's supposed to have water in it though?
  6. I think so. It seems like it would be weird to smoke dry
  7. That's true. Leave the dry smoking to helixes lol
  8. put water in it far enough to cover the blue stem without covering the hole on the green stem, and keep the bowl tilted upwards.
    that shit is dope dude
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    fuckin cool, its a bubbler built in a chullim chassis !!!!!!
    so does that shop have a internet site. or are they willing to mail?
    maybe I'm gonna have to find a local blower to make one....
  10. Wow that's an interesting piece. Never seen one like that. Thanks for posting the pic.  :)
  11. They don't have a site unfortunately but if you're gonna have someone blow it I can take some more detailed pics for reference

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  12. please do
  13. These pieces are getting real popular but I have yet to see on being used.  Could you make a vid?
    I like the ones that are shaped like spoon pipes.
  14. thats awesome! i want one now. im with solo dolo here, its like the offspring of a bubbler and a chillum. id say its a "water optional" piece since its a pocket piece
  15. Cool stuff. I have led glow
  16. yep looks like a compact bubbler. i know one blade here has a verrry nice pocket spoon that has water filtration similar to yours. very basic, effective nonetheless. toke up!
  18. I fucked that up
  19. That's wacky as hell. I like it

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  20. They are called chubblers.

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