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Can someone tell me what kind of weed is this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheKillJoy, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone, this is the only kind i get from where i'am. I'am relatively new to smoking, so i cannot tell what it is and compare the effects. I asked many people but get contradicting ansewers.
    Thanks :)


  2. Nobody can tell you the strain name. You're the only one who can tell if it's good or not, can't smoke a picture
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  3. its marijuanas
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  4. Looks like it could be a sativa. Or maybe an indica. Although it kinda looks like a hybrid too. Hard to say, OP. Weed looks like... weed.
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  5. Ok, il was asking because people told me i should ask online and i saw some similar threads here
  6. Ok, so how do i know what kind it is? The effects are weird and dont fit with any descriptions that is why i think it might be a hybrid
  7. Yep, people ask this question about a dozen times a day. The response is always the same, pretty much what you read here. Just because someone says to do it, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do or that person knows what they're talking about, knowmsayn?

    You don't. You know that it's marijuana and that's about it. If you knew the grower personally, they may know and you could ask them. If you bought it at a dispensary, whatever it as they told you is also likely correct. But if you bought this from Cheeto outside the Gas-n-Sip then beyond knowing it's cannabis would be a miracle. Dealers like Cheeto like to make up names and also tell their buyers it's whatever the hottest popular strain going around is, because who's to say that it's not? I bet Cheeto would tell you it's something like OG Kush Fire Diesel Cookies.

    It very well could be a hybrid, or maybe it's not. When you talk about effects, keep in mind that when you read about different strains, the effects mentioned can be extremely subtle, often psychological, and quite often not shared by everyone who smokes it. Also, being cannabis, most strains really exhibit the same effects, just to different degrees sometimes.
  8. Mostly Maui Wowie man, but it's got some Labrador in it...
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  9. Actually the guy i get from barely speaks french or english so when i ask what kind of strains it is the answer i get is "yes, this very good". However i thought we can know what it is by looking at it, if it is large leaf it is indica and thin it is sativa, i tried to compare with pictures but cannot tell. I also saw comparaison of different strains explaining how each one looks like that why i deducted experiences users can tell by looking at it.
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  10. Something tells me that its Stonehenge.
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  11. Yeah, not at all. While you can possible tell the difference between an indica and sativa by looking at it, at best that's an educated guess and the rest is just hogwash when people say they can tell what strains look like. There are hundreds of recognized strains, and not nearly that much variation in plants. And most cosmetic variances have more to do with growing conditions than due to type of strain. For instance, I'm in a legal state and buy from different rec shops in OR and WA. The weed here is tested by 3rd party labs by law, and strain info also has to be exact by law. I can go get the same strain from different growers and each grower's weed can look different due to soil, nutrients, indoor/outdoor, etc. You can actually do the same. Go to leafly and look up a random popular strain. There will be dozens of photos that are all completley different.
  12. i love it when hes finally like its dog shit lol.
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  13. If i was forced to guess, I'd say indica.
  14. "You mean we're smoking dog shit man?" :love-m3j:
  15. Another one of these threads. *sigh*

    It's Platinum Wifi Og Haze. Enjoy.
  16. Thanks man, i dont know if you just guessed or actually know how to recognise strains but i checked the effects of stonehenge and it exactly descibes what it does. Now i'am pretty srue it is that. Thanks
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