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Can someone tell me what kind of Bud this is?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ~JarJarBlunts~, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. #1 ~JarJarBlunts~, Mar 8, 2014
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    My dealer didn't remember the name of the bud. I think it's purple in color, I can't tell though. Can someone tell me what strain they think it looks like?


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  2. may be some of that there purple boba fett runnin round them streets.....sorry mang cant discern strain type from a pic, even a smoke report wouldnt help. enjoy!
  3. That's Australian kangaroo bud. I would know that stuff anywhere!
  4. Looks like that goober grape berry pie
  5. Looks like that marijuana bud all the kids are smoking these days.
    But seriously, you can't really say from a pic. The bud on the right looks way different than the one on the left though. Ones nice and pure and the other looks Brown.
  6. Well, the bud smelled really strong. The strongest I had smelled in a while. The cough on this one had me in tears too! The high is eurphoric, mellow, and visually intense.
  7. Looks like outdoor poop

    knives heated dull red
    release sweet smoky nectar
    I am lifted high
  8. In a word, NO!
  9. LMFAO
  10. Looks like Purple Coochlip Kush

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  11. Midpurps most definitely

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  12. Why should you care what the name of it is? It is good weed just smoke it and be happy.

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  13. DIRTY<>DIRTY<>DIRTY<>-MEXICAN-ASSHOLE WEED.. SURELY SUM KILLAH KILL!! smoke em up!! :d   :smoking:
  14. Without zoomin in it looked like a giant flea fucking a cricket missionary style. Is it bud?

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