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Can someone tell me is this is a Marijuana plant?

Discussion in 'General' started by erbear, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Okay today I took a walk and found these plants looking similar to Marijuana plants. Heres 2 pictures of my find, I lit one and smelled it and it smelled quite similar. So What do you people think?


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  2. man sorry i dont think so but im no expert.
  3. Look at the guy aboves avatar. That's a marijuana leaf.
  4. That, sir, is not marijuana.
  5. I'm no expert, but I don't think so.. I could be wrong though
  6. that is not Cannabis
  7. Yes. Smoke it now or die.
  8. Thats not a marijuana plant. Hahaha it is a weed though, we have them growing all around here in South Carolina, and honestly they will usually make me give them a double take. The way it is stacked does look like a budding marijuana plant, but the leaves are a dead giveaway. Marijuana leaves look like maple leaves and very much more like tomato leaves.
  9. Pot plants don't usually have thistles on them.
  10. Yea it would have many sets of leaves and branches, not jujst blooming on the main stalk in the middle.
    On another note, dont go sticking your fucking face in random plants if you dont know what they are!
  11. Not even remotely close

    Look at those leaves....are you kidding me
  12. if that's a pot plant then i'm terri schiavo
  13. im guessing he probobly is kidding, am i the only one that thinks this may be a clever trolling attempt?
  14. no dude its not.
  15. That really does not resemble a pot leaf at all lol. Bud kind of does though.
  16. Is it really summer already?

    Mods, time to charge your ban hammers.
  17. You joined 4 years ago and this is your first post lol
  18. This was posted 4 years ago

  19. Who's the troll?

    The first-time poster who posted this ridiculous thread of a plant that looks nothing like a marijuana plant if you did 2 seconds of research or the first-time poster that resurrected a dead thread that was already a troll thread?


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