Can someone tell me if this is normal???

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  1. Ok so my plants are 11 days old. Im using CFL's. One has come up nicely atleast thats what i would like to think. Plz leave comments everything helps. so every now and then I have been noticing that my leaves are curling up. I do not believe this to be normal. Can anyone help?

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  2. Im no expert, far from it as i just started growing myself. im a desert region and it gets pretty hot, anyways i had a alien og plant that i had outdoors and i showed those signs after i put it in the shade that got a bit better. Hope this helps u.
  3. But see im indoors. And i dont think im using enough lighting anyways. I have acouple inches between the light and plant and everyone claims this is ok. I might try and pull the light up a lil bit.

  4. Check them for spider mites. The pics are not to clear.
  5. Hows ur ventelation? Whats ur setup? Maybe with ur setup i can TRY; like i said i just started growing, to help you with your setup.
  6. i had to pull a plant yesterday for having sum sort of pest im not sure what. Whats the best way to detect spider mites? The one i pulled yesterday had black specs on the stalk and on the under side of one of the leaves.
  7. i just have them in a closet. i have a simple fan on them. what would be reccommended ventalation?
  8. A very small exractor fan with ducting coming from the box or a sufficient gap in the back of the box so the air is flowing through the box. A good air flow is essential for the best growing conditions.
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    He got it. You just need a extraction fan inline fans are awsome! Lol there rather expensive but to wonders!

    Edit: also need intake holes . A couple 3-4" holes should to the trick. Just 1 or 2 ear the bottom and the exhaust fan at thd top of ur space because remember heat rises.
  10. I dont know about the pest, I will leave that to the experts. When leaves are cupping like that it can mean your humidity or heat is out of whack. Basically, from what I read last night the cupping effect can be caused by the fact that your plants are trying to expel moisture but for some reason are unable to do so. More ventilation should help your humidity if it is too high and your temps as well, unless the air you are sucking in is extremely humid and hot as well.

    If you dont already have one, get something to check your canopy temps and humidity. You can pick one up at walmart for about $7 and it will record your high and low temp and humidity for the day so you will know if anything spiked while you are away.
  11. ok. i thought it might be the heat also. the fan is kind of in a weird spot. so i will check that out. Ohh and im gonna look into vent fans.
  12. But then i also have this problem. There is a sprout coming up about an inch from the main stalk. Is it harmful to the plant or did I luck out? Any feed back? Sorry for the pics being so bad. cam on phone

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  13. Unless you planted two seeds, I would pull whatever that is. It isnt unheard of by any means for potting soil to have a dormant seed in it every now and then, particularly with the cheap stuff.

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